How to Choose the Best Water Service Provider for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Water Service Provider for Your Business

Most employers understand the value of water cooler dispensers in the workplace. Research shows that access to drinking water can improve employee productivity, mood, memory, energy levels, and clarity, all of which are important functions for doing a job well.  Yet, with so many different options, choosing the best water cooler and best water service for your business can be challenging.  

Luckily, you no longer need to rely on gut instinct to tell you which water service provider is best for your building. Quench’s top water experts compiled the buyer’s guide below to help you cut down on guessing when it comes time to make hydration decisions for your business.  

  1. Choosing the Most Reliable Products 

  2. Recognizing a Skilled Service Team 

  3. Recognizing a Responsive Customer Care Team

Choosing the Most Reliable Products

Building amenities are meant to reduce your headaches and create a more harmonious environment for your employees and customers. However, if you are constantly disrupting the flow of your work and your employees’ work to replenish the 5-gallon jug on top of your bottled water cooler or fix your broken point-of-use water dispenser, you may be spending more time and money on your drinking water than it’s worth.   

The most reliable water dispensers… 

  • Don’t break easily. The best way to assess the resiliency of a water dispenser before purchasing it is to ask your sales rep about the products’ break/fix history. Having that point of reference will be helpful when you start comparing break/fix histories of products from competing companies.   
  • Are rented as opposed to bought. Unlike purchased water dispensers, a rented water dispenser can easily be replaced by a newer machine at little to no extra cost. Plus, rented water dispensers also include services like installation and preventive maintenance.  
  • Are inspected often. Even the most reliable water dispensers need a tune-up from time to time. The best water service providers offer regular preventive maintenance visits to ensure your machines always have clean filters and are running as smoothly as possible.  
  • Boast the newest technology. Forward-thinking water service providers are continually coming out with new products that feature top-of-the-line filtration, sanitization, and dispensing technologies. Regular innovation ensures that each new generation of products is more reliable than the last. 

Questions That Can Help You Determine the Reliability of Products  

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Recognizing a Skilled Service Team 

Even the most reliable water dispensers are only as dependable as the technicians who install and service those machines. Make sure you choose a water service provider with a fleet of proven and professional service technicians.  

The most dependable service technicians… 

  • Are highly skilled. A poorly installed water unit can cause plumbing headaches down the road. To avoid any mishaps, choose a vendor that trains their technicians to master the technology behind each system they serve. The best water service providers will train and certify their technicians themselves.  
  • Are armed with top-of-the-line technology. Many vendors will equip their technicians with smartphones and tablet applications that are able to track the service history on your units. Those apps are often connected to ERP systems that can automatically remind technicians when a particular machine needs service.  
  • Are fast. You have a lot going on. The last thing you need is an outside vendor coming into your building and disrupting your operations. A good service technician is respectful of your time and can install your water dispensers quickly without disturbing guests or employees. 

Questions That Can Help You Assess a Technical Team’s Skillset 

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Recognizing a Responsive Customer Care Team  

Lastly, when assessing a water service provider, try to get a sense of what the overall customer experience is like. Ideally, the customer care team you work with after you purchase a water dispenser will be available to provide you with 5-star customer service skills whenever you need them.  

The best customer care team… 

  • Offers a service-level agreement. This contract agreement demonstrates a level of commitment between you and your service provider. During the signing of this contract, you work with your service provider to agree on particular aspects of the service you will receive, such as quality, availability, and responsibilities.  
  • Understands how B2B works. As you know, most B2B (business-to-business) buyers are thinking on a grander scale. They are interested in products that integrate with their existing processes and solve company issues as opposed to their individual needs. Therefore, your water service provider should be comfortable handling your business needs so that they can address the more complex inquires quickly.  
  • Gathers customer feedback. It’s a good sign when a company asks for your feedback. A company that asks for feedback is dedicated to growing and improving based on what customers want.   

Questions to Ask to Assess the Responsiveness of Customer Care

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Find Reliability in Quench

Quench is your one-stop-hydration shop, addressing all your employee and customer drinking water needs. We’ve got reliable products, skilled service technicians, and responsive customer care representatives to guide you to the best filtered water cooler options for your business. No hidden fees. No high-pressure tactic. No broken promises. Just cost-effective, customized solutions delivered with a high level of care. 

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