Different Types of Ice: Why It’s Not as Straightforward as You Think

A pile of ice cubes

Not all ice is created equally. Some ice is round, some ice is cubed. There’s ice that can melt slowly and there’s ice that is easy to chew. When investing in a filtered ice machine for your business, it’s important to consider your options. Ice offerings vary in shape and size, and for a good reason –  functionality. These variations in ice will impact the experience you have as a consumer. The Quench Water Experts are here to break down each of the different ice types, including shape, size, and functionality.

The Classic / Dice Ice

The Classic Dice Ice

You’re probably familiar with the classic dice ice. Dice ice resemble the old-fashioned ice tray ice but in larger quantities in a filtered ice machine. It contains a high ratio of water to ice build and is great for applications such as refreshing beverages and bagging. If you’ve ever eaten out at a restaurant, it’s likely you’ve spotted this type of ice in your soft drink. Classic dice ice is great for keeping drinks cool because it takes a longer time to melt. It’s also a cost-saving option since its slow melt rate requires you to use less of the product.

The Half Classic / Half-Dice Ice

The Half Classic Half-Dice Ice

As the name suggested, half-dice ice is just like dice ice but half the size! That’s right. Half-dice ice is often smoother, and therefore, pleasing to chew. This is another great option for a filtered ice machine because it’s great in soft drinks, for bagging, and for any environment that offers a self-serving option like an office, restaurant, hotel, or even a convenience store. This option may also be popular in a healthcare setting featuring a filtered ice dispenser because it offers maximum cooling benefits and has a moderate melt rate. The best ice cube machines that dispense half-dice ice are the Quench 905 and the 990 Series.

The Nugget / Chewable Ice

The Nugget Chewable Ice

Nugget ice, or sometimes what’s called chewable ice or “Sonic” ice is a favorite among consumers because it’s easy to chew! This type of ice is cylindrical in shape, absorbs the flavor of the contents it floats in, and is easy to blend. Some variations feature a hole through the center. This is a great option if you’re looking to make blended or frozen drinks or cool soft drinks. Keep in mind, because of this ice’s shape, it typically has a quicker melt rate than other ices. Some great water and ice dispensers that offer chewable ice include our 970 Series and our 980 Series. Be sure to check out the Quench 980 series if you’re looking for touchless machines, as these filtered ice machines come equipped with sensorSAFE technology.

The Flake / Shaved Ice

The Flake Shaved Ice

Flaking out is usually frowned upon. When it comes to ice, we’ll make an exception. Shaved or flaked ice cools rapidly because of the high surface area it features. Unlike many other types of ice, shaved or flaked ice is an excellent option for presenting or displaying foods like meat or seafood and for making blended drinks or frozen desserts. Because of its design, it is softer and gentler on foods like produce and can be used to transport these items as well. And here’s a fun tidbit: Flaked ice is the best ice cube to use on sports injuries because it is mailable and can easily mold around body parts.   

The Tulip Ice

The Bullet Tulip Ice

A glass of tulip ice might not sound as romantic as a bouquet of roses, but on a hot summer day, you might think otherwise. Named for its tubular shape, tulip ice typically has a hollow middle and a rounded tip on the end. The hollowed-out cube chills your beverage more evenly since the surrounding liquid touches both the inside and the outside of the cube. That makes tulip ice great for mixed drinks and blended cocktails. These types of cubes are commonly found in self-serve dispensers and commercial ice makers in hotels. Interested in purchasing one for your guests and employees? You can’t go wrong with the Quench 950 water and ice dispenser.

The Half Moon / Crescent Ice

The Half Moon Crescent Ice

The half moon is a pop culture icon you’ll find in openings to DreamWorks movies,  iPhones on Do Not Disturb mode, and you guessed it, a glass of water. Half moon ice (also called crescent ice) was designed to reduce splashing. And because of its unique design, this ice does not pack together. It floats through the glass with ease and provides optimal cooling to the beverage it’s in. This option is fantastic for soft drinks, mixed drinks, dispensing, and bagging. It also has a slow melt rate like the classic dice ice.

The Full Cube / Square Ice

The Full Cube Square Ice

Throwing a party? Don’t forget to invite the squares, the square ice cubes that is. Full cubes (aka square cubes) are bound to impress your guests. Full ice cubes are great for entertaining because they tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing. This type of ice is commonly found in restaurants, bars, and even convenience stores. Square ice is ideal for bagging and ice machine dispensing because of its slow melt rate. This clean-looking cube, like the classic cube and the half moon cube, provides maximum cooling benefits with a slower melt rate.

Find the Best Ice Machine for Your Office

Remember, it’s important to consider different types of ice when deciding on the best ice machine rental for your business. The right filtered ice dispenser can upgrade the lifestyle in your office, restaurant, hotel, etc. Whether you’re looking for optimal cooling, a pleasing design, or a functional cube, a filtered ice machine can be tailored to yield your exact needs!

Find the best ice cubes and the best ice dispensers for your company on Quench’s ice machine page. We offer a variety of filtered ice machines that create different types of ice, including chewable ice, tulip ice, and half-dice ice. 

Quench ice machines use the same advanced filtration and purification technologies as our water coolers, to deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice. Quench offers a variety of ice dispensers to suit your capacity needs, including freestanding units, counter-top models, and undercounter bins.

To learn more about Quench’s product offering and to see which of our filtered ice machines is right for you, please click here to go to the product finder.