Considering a Water-as-a-Service Alternative to Office Water Delivery

A Quench Q7 water cooler in a breakroom

This article was updated on 8/4/2022

Employees need access to high-quality drinking water at work to support both their well-being and performance long term. However, organizations that rely on traditional bottled water delivery may not be seeing the benefits that a properly hydrated workforce can provide. In the modern workplace, organizations across industries are turning to Water-as-a-Service solutions to adequately delight and hydrate employees while offering several valuable advantages along the way. 

So, why are organizations getting excited about bottleless water dispensers as their next Water-as-a-Service solution? Bottleless water coolers are reimagining what companies expect from traditional office delivery methods — bringing their drinking water supply to the next level. 

With that in mind, here are 3 good reasons why you should consider making the shift: 

1. Your resources are precious.

Traditional water delivery systems are putting a strain on your resources in more ways than one:


Most businesses want to make sure that their resources are being used wisely. Floor space and storage areas can be hard to come by in the workplace, and 5-gallon bottled water jugs take up a significant amount of physical space. A better way to provide drinking water is to take advantage of a bottleless water cooler, freeing up valuable floor space and storage.


Although a traditional water delivery service may seem convenient at first glance, this isn’t actually the case. It’s great that the water is delivered right to your workplace, but before it gets there someone needs to order it, keep inventory to see how much is left, and predict how much water you’ll need from your bottled water delivery service in the future. All those things take time, and most employees are already very busy. 

The good news is with a bottleless water machine, you have an unlimited source of purified water at your fingertips because it’s hooked up directly to the building’s existing water line. This not only gives valuable team members access to cold or hot water instantly from their own tap water system but also effectively frees them up to focus on what’s most important — the work. 


Water delivery is not cost-effective. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, 90% of the cost of bottled water doesn’t actually account for the water in the bottle, but for other additional expenses such as packaging, bottling, shipping, and transporting the water.

Companies also have to pay a delivery fee for the act of bringing water to a building that has a water supply! Business leaders are trying to reduce their expenses, so why pay extra for water when you already have it?

2. You don’t want to take on unnecessary risk.

Workplaces never want to take on unnecessary risks, and, unfortunately, office bottled water delivery is generally associated with a few that organizations should keep in mind. Traditional water products can lead to challenges including: 

Safety hazards

Cost aside, there are other risks that come with an office water delivery service. For instance, the plastic water jugs that get delivered to workplaces usually weigh about 43 pounds. When the water jug is empty, an employee is responsible for putting a new water jug on top of the static water dispenser. 

Lifting a hefty bottled water jug to any height may lead to back, leg, or even arm injuries — which can be detrimental to your employees’ wellbeing and morale moving forward. So, it makes sense to get a bottleless water dispenser to eliminate the need to lift heavy plastic water jugs!

Health concerns

An office water delivery service can also lead to important health concerns. It’s not the delivery service itself that’s unhealthy, but rather the bottled water machine. A water dispenser that’s been in use for many years or hasn’t been taken care of properly is likely to be swarming with bacterial organisms. Therefore, businesses that use bottled water coolers to hydrate their staff and customers are potentially exposing those users to micro-organisms and biofilm every time they release the tap.

Bottleless water coolers, on the other hand, have stainless-steel tanks and feature advanced water filtration and sanitization technologies that both remove sediment and reduce chemical contaminants. As an added bonus, bottleless water coolers have antimicrobial surface protection — which inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria on surfaces — so it’s easier to keep the outside (user interface) of these machines germ-free.

3. You are eco-friendly.

Consumers, employees, and business leaders are looking for new ways to become more sustainable across their day-to-day activities. Ditching water bottles can help further that mission in several ways:

Plastic pollution

Water delivery services contribute to the global pollution problem. It’s no secret that the 5-gallon water jugs that get delivered to millions of workplaces every day are made from heavy, thick plastic. The empties may be re-used but, unfortunately, studies have shown that plastic bottles are more likely to be dumped into landfills than be repurposed. Each year, the water delivery services industry inevitably dumps about 70 million pounds of plastic water bottles into landfills. 

Saving the planet should be a priority for all of us, so it makes perfect sense to get a bottleless water cooler and eliminate plastic water bottles from your workspace!

Production pollution

Don’t forget the production and distribution pollution that the water delivery service industry causes, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from burning fuel to produce and transport the plastic water bottles. For instance, the manufacturing of plastic jugs burns about 6 million gallons of fuel and releases approximately 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in just one year.

Making The Switch To Bottleless Water Coolers With Quench

So, the question is what are you waiting for? By switching your workplace’s water cooler to a sleeker, more cost-efficient, and eco-friendly option, you’re not only supporting happier and healthier employees but also introducing valuable sustainability initiatives that will quickly set your organization apart from the crowd. 

Check out Quench water filtration advantages to learn more about why our point-of-use bottleless water coolers will help upgrade your work environment with Water-as-a-Service options.

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