Have You Thought about the Water-as-a-Service Alternative to Water Delivery?

A Quench Q7 water cooler in a breakroom

All companies should prioritize providing a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment for their employees. However, they shouldn’t make compromises while doing so. There’s a way you can satisfy your employees and please your budget, and it’s not with bottled water delivery – it’s with water-as-a-service using bottleless water coolers!

Here’s 3 reasons for rethinking water delivery, and in turn, get you excited about water-as-a-service with bottleless water dispensers.

  1. Your resources are precious.
  2. You don’t want to take on unnecessary risk.
  3. You are eco-friendly.


Most businesses want to make sure that their resources are being used wisely. Floor space and storage areas can be hard to come by in the workplace, and when they’re filled with 5-gallon water jugs it can be frustrating. Instead of wasting valuable space on plastic water bottles, why not get a bottleless water cooler so you don’t have to store water bottles anymore?


Although water delivery service may seem convenient, in many ways it is not. It’s great that the water is delivered right to your workplace, but before it gets there someone needs to order it, keep inventory to see how much is left, and predict how much water you’ll need in the future. All those things take time, and most employees are already very busy. With a bottleless water machine, you essentially have an unlimited source of water at your fingertips because its hooked up directly to the building’s existing water line.


Water delivery is not cost-effective. According to The Natural Resource Defense Council, 90% of the cost of bottled water doesn’t actually account for the water in the bottle, but rather other expenses such as packaging, bottling, shipping, and transporting the water. If that’s not irritating enough, you also have to pay a delivery fee! Many companies are trying to reduce their expenses, so why pay extra for water when you already have it?

Safety hazard

There are associated risks that come with water delivery service. The 5-gallon, plastic water jugs that get delivered to workplaces usually weigh about 40 pounds. When the water jug is empty, employees are responsible for putting a new water jug on top of the water machine. Although it may not be that high, lifting 40 pounds of water at any height may lead to back, leg, or arm injury. There’s also risk of employees dropping the 40-pound water jug on their feet. To limit your workplace’s risk, you could get a bottleless water dispenser and never have to pick-up a 5-gallon, plastic water jug again!

Health concern

Water delivery service can also be a health concern. It’s not the delivery service itself that’s unhealthy, but rather the bottled water machine. The water dispenser that’s been sitting in your company’s break room for years with limited cleaning may be infested with bacterial organisms. Every time an employee or customer dispenses water from the machine, they are introducing their bodies to micro-organisms and biofilm. With bottleless water dispensers, the water is stored in a stainless-steel tank and can have advanced filtration and sanitization technologies that remove sediment, reduce chemical contaminants, as well as keep the outside (user interface) of the machine germ-free.

Plastic pollution

Water delivery service is a contributor to the global pollution problem. It’s no secret that the 5-gallon water jugs that get delivered to millions of workplaces every day are made from heavy, thick plastic. The empties may be re-used but even if they are, they will still end up in the waste stream. Each year, the water delivery services industry dumps about 70 million pounds of plastic water bottles into landfills. Get a bottleless water cooler and eliminate plastic water bottles!

Production pollution

Don’t forget the production and distribution pollution that the water delivery service industry causes, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from burning fuel to produce and transport the plastic water bottles. In one year, the manufacturing of plastic jugs burns about 6 million gallons of fuel and releases approximately 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

So, what are you waiting for? The time is now to switch your workplace’s water cooler to the sleeker, more cost-efficient, and eco-friendly option – a bottleless water cooler! Check out Quench filtration advantages to learn more about why our point of use water coolers will help upgrade your work environment with Water-as-a-Service options.