Water Delivery Vs. POU Water Coolers

Posted on November 6, 2017
Tea Water in Colonial America - Quench Resources

Water Delivery Vs. POU Water Coolers

Bottled water in the United States predates the United States. In colonial United States, water found in cities was often a carrier of disease and many colonists opted for hard cider or whiskey because they were alcoholic. Alcohol-based drinks had a longer “shelf-life” and wouldn’t spread disease. Clean water was often only available outside the city on farms and on the frontier. Colonists in the city often drank “bottled water” from the countryside. This “bottled water” was often referred to as “tea-water” as it was often used to make tea. Tea-water men would draw the water, seal it in kegs and transport it into the city. City-dwellers would pay about 45 shillings for this delivery service – that’s $310 today!

Water Delivery is Expensive

Just like bottled water delivery in Colonial America, bottled water delivery today is expensive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one ounce of water from a 5-gallon water jug costs a penny while one ounce of water from a single-serve water bottled costs $0.06! And you aren’t just paying for the water, The Natural Resource Defense Council estimates that 90% of the cost of bottled water is not for the water, but expenses like bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing, and of course, profit! Not to mention the costs associated for delivery – the trucks, drivers, and fuel.

Comparatively, one ounce of water from your tap is practically free, costing on average $0.00003! Quench Point-of-Use or bottleless filtered water coolers eliminate the costs associated with water delivery. Quench POU filtered water coolers use state-of-the-art filtration and sanitization technologies to filter water from your tap, providing a virtually endless supply of clean, fresh, great-tasting water for pennies a day! Typically our customers save up to 50% versus water delivery. And service is included at no additional charge!

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Water Delivery is Inconvenient

Water delivery is time-consuming:

  • Ordering, estimating your office’s water consumption, and managing water deliveries
  • Wasting valuable office real estate to store bulky 5-gallon water jugs (or the empties)
  • Coaxing employees to replace the bottle (nevermind the complaints or risk of Workman’s Comp claims over hoisting 42-pound jugs)
  • Worrying about running out of water on the hottest day of the year

Quench’s POU filtered water coolers create free time. By eliminating water delivery, your Quench POU filtered water coolers provide a virtually endless supply of clean, great-tasting drinking water. No need to worry about running out, storing bottles, or heavy lifting!

And your low monthly rental fee covers all the filtered water your office can drink, plus any preventive maintenance and service calls. And no need to call to schedule your Quench machine’s regular check-up – we will come automatically!

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Water Delivery is Open to Contaminants

Ever wonder what happens during flu season when a co-worker with not-so-clean hands grabs the neck of a new 5-gallon water jug? Or where the dust that collects on the top of a stored bottle?

Traditional 5-gallon water coolers are “open” systems, meaning that every time the jug is changed, the water in the bottle and the cooler reservoir are open to airborne toxins, like dirt and micro-organisms that can contaminate the water. Even worse, the reservoir often develops a coating of “biofilm” – a build-up of microbial matter that can break free and enter the water cooler (the “floaters” that sometimes appear in jug water coolers). Biofilm is an acknowledged problem – the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recommends that the bottled water cooler be thoroughly sanitized at least every 3 months. When was the last time your office’s bottled water cooler was cleaned?

Quench POU filtered water coolers are “closed” systems that connect directly to your building’s water source. The water is purified within a self-contained system, using state-of-the-art filtration and sanitization technologies. Your filtered drinking water never comes in contact with airborne contaminants!

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Water Delivery is Environmentally Wasteful

Water delivery squanders the Earth’s resources and has a dramatic negative impact on our environment. In one year, the manufacturing of plastic jugs, bottling, and delivery of water*:

  • Eats up 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity
  • Burns 6 million gallons of fuel
  • Dumps 70 million pounds of plastic water in landfills each year, as 80% of plastic water bottles are not recycled.
  • Wastes millions of gallons of water

Quench POU filtered water cooler eliminate the need for plastic water bottles. By eliminating plastic, Quench filtered water dispensers have a positive impact on the environment. One Quench POU filtered water cooler can prevent up to 925 5-gallon water bottles from entering landfills each year!

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*Source: Environmental Capital Group environmental impact analysis
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