It’s Time to Replace Your 5-Gallon Water Jug With a Bottleless Water Dispenser

A Quench Q7 touchless water cooler in a lobby

Over the years, organizations have relied on tap water, water delivery services, and bottled water coolers to provide their employees and customers with clean drinking water — assuming this was the most convenient hydration solution for their workplace. However, with the emergence and growing popularity of alternative drinking water solutions, this is no longer the case.

Today, businesses interested in offering a clean and accessible water supply, while creating a more hygienic work environment, are quickly turning their attention to bottleless water coolers. Because of this, we’re taking a closer look at the problems with hefty bottled water jug delivery and why your workplace should consider a bottleless water dispenser as the no-hassle, clean solution you’ve been looking for.

The Problem With Water Jugs and Bottled Water Delivery

It’s time to rethink your 5-gallon water delivery service. While this may have been a suitable solution for your organization’s hydration needs, there are a few common challenges that workplaces are frequently running into as a result.

1. Managing water bottle delivery takes time and effort.

When it comes to bottled water coolers, constantly having to keep track of your 5-gallon water jug inventory takes time and energy — where this effort would likely be better spent addressing other pressing business matters. Plus, 5-gallon water jugs are heavy. In fact, just one 5-gallon water jug weighs 43 pounds. So, the act of replenishing jugs can also pose a safety risk to workers assigned to replace them.

2. When it comes to cleanliness, the 5-gallon water jug dispenser falls short.

Think of how often the water jug in your company’s break room has been cleaned – probably not very often … or maybe even ever? Over the years, a 5-gallon water jug dispenser can become infested with bacterial organisms, according to the Iranian Journal of Public Health. Therefore, whenever an employee or customer dispenses water from the 5-gallon water cooler in your office, they’re introducing their bodies to potentially harmful microorganisms.

Moreover, a typical 5-gallon water jug dispenser features an “open” system. That means that every time the jug is changed, the water in the bottle and the cooler reservoir are open to airborne toxins, like dirt and microorganisms, which can contaminate your water. Even worse, the reservoir often develops a build-up of microbial matter called biofilm that can break free and enter the water cooler.

3. A hefty bottle takes up storage space.

Organizations that have used 5-gallon water jugs over the years are likely aware of just how much space those containers can fill.  These bulky options are inevitably inconvenient and wasteful — often taking up valuable space in your workplace that could be used for something more beneficial for the business.

4. The costs of water delivery add up — in more ways than one.

The delivery costs of gallon jugs may not seem costly at first glance, but these expenses quickly add up. This is especially true for larger organizations that generally require more frequent deliveries to ensure all employees, guests, and customers have access to clean water when they need it.

Not only are there monetary costs of consistent water bottle delivery to consider, but also the costs of hefty jugs on the environment. These environmental ramifications ultimately include high amounts of plastic waste, wasted water during production, large use of oil throughout production, and high carbon emissions from delivery trucks. This will prove extremely important to consider moving forward considering 71% of employees and job seekers are in search of more environmentally sustainable companies after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey from IBM.

Considering a Bottleless Water Cooler Alternative

With the challenges of bottled water delivery in mind, it’s a great time to upgrade your drinking water supply to a bottleless water cooler.

Offer a More Convenient Hydration Solution

This filtered water solution connects right to your building’s existing water source to ensure your teams have access to an endless supply of fresh water as needed. Moreover, by leveraging advanced filtration technology, your dispenser delivers great-tasting, clean water every time someone opens the tap — whether that be hot water or cold water. A bottleless water cooler ultimately eliminates the need to frequently replace your water source which reduces the burden on your teams, drives sustainability practices, and takes up significantly less space in your office or commercial space.

Upgrade Your Sanitization Practices

Bottleless water coolers can have added sanitization features to help keep the germs away. For instance, the Quench  Q-Series comes with a built-in LED UV light. UV water purification is an effective way to disinfect bacteria from water. The UV rays penetrate harmful pathogens and destroy disease-causing microbes by attacking their genetic core, leaving your workplace water germ-free. In addition to built-in UV sanitization technology, the Quench Q-Series also features antimicrobial surface protection, so you can rest assured that your water supply is supporting the health and well-being of your team members long term.

Introduce Advanced Filtration With quenchWATER+

Our Quench water coolers dispense Quench branded water called quenchWATER+. quenchWATER+ is filtered on demand through our proprietary 5-filter setup, including reverse osmosis (RO). Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane, removing all contaminants from the tap water including salts and fluoride while reducing lead. That means your water is sure to be free from all impurities and harmful chemicals that could cause illness.

quenchWATER+ is mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water. Electrolytes are minerals that conduct an electrical charge when mixed with water. They help regulate our body’s most essential functions, including nerve signaling, PH balance, muscle contraction, and hydration. The electrolytes added to quenchWATER+ include a blend of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other healthy minerals that create alkaline-enhanced waterStudies show the increased alkalinity in quenchWATER+ allows the body to absorb water more readily and hydrate faster.

The Benefits of an Elevated Water Supply

By leveraging a more convenient drinking water solution, and a state-of-the-art water filter, your organization can expect to see a host of valuable workplace benefits along the way. The advantages of switching to a bottleless water dispenser include:

  • Eliminating the costs of jugs and regular delivery — saving you a considerable amount of money long term.
  • Promoting sustainability while significantly reducing your organization’s environmental impact.
  • Providing a purified water supply that tastes great to drive increased hydration throughout your workplace.
  • Supporting the well-being and long-term health of employees with a cleaner water supply and improved sanitation practices.
  • Improving productivity and efficiency throughout your organization with a water supply that adequately supports better business results.

Offer Your Employees a Bottleless Water Dispenser With Quench

There’s never been a better time to ditch plastic water jugs at work and switch out your 5-gallon water delivery service with a bottleless water cooler alternative. Check out Quench filtration advantages to learn more about why our point-of-use water coolers will help upgrade your work environment.

When looking for a water delivery service near you, consider a bottleless alternative instead. Our Quench Water Experts are located across the United States. Therefore, clean, great-tasting drinking water is never far away.

If you’re ready to offer purified water that your teams will love, explore our advanced suite of bottleless water coolers, try our product finder to discover the best water cooler for your organization’s unique needs, and get a free quote to get started.