Searching for a Bottleless Water Cooler Service? Use this Checklist!

A woman filling out a checklist

Choosing the best bottleless water cooler service for your business can be a daunting task. People are picky about their water! Your decision could potentially affect the happiness and hydration of your workplace. When choosing a bottleless water cooler service for your business, our checklist below will ensure you will not miss the mark.

The water cooler fits your business’ needs.

Your ideal water cooler provider will offer a wide variety of products to meet the demands of your specific business.

  • Countertop and freestanding water coolers: If you’re looking to have an open walkway, then the countertop water dispenser is the perfect option for you because you can avoid taking up precious floorspace. But if you’re looking for a modern display, we recommend you go with the freestanding option. Either way, you’ll want to have the option to decide.
  • Capacity: The number of employees and customers using the water cooler, and how often they use it, will determine what filtration capacity your water cooler needs. Make sure your water cooler provider has machines with the capacity you need.
  • Still, sparkling, and flavored water: Whether your business wants and/or needs hot, cold, or room temperature still water; sparkling water; or flavored water, your water cooler provider should have all those options available.

The water is clean and great-tasting.

Your water cooler provider should be experts in water. Water experts know that there is much more that goes into water than H2O to determine the cleanliness and taste.

  • Clean: One way to determine the cleanliness of your water is by conducting a TDS (total dissolved solids) test. The total dissolved solids present in water are one of the leading causes of turbidity and sediments in drinking water. Sediment can consist of sand, rocks, minerals, and organic particles of plants and microbes. Algae in the water dispenser can also affect the cleanliness of the water. Your water cooler provider should have advanced filtration and sanitization technologies, anti-bacterial protection, and stainless-steel tanks to ensure your drinking clean water.
  • Great-tasting: Water comes in many unwanted flavors due to the complexity of our water systems. Undesirable flavors include earthy, sulfuric, chlorine, and metallic. These flavors may originate from algae, disinfectants, and minerals. Make sure your water cooler provider has filtration technology available that can rid the drinking water of off-tastes and odors.

The service is unbeatable.

It’s important that your water cooler provider delivers a service you can rely on. That way, you can focus on your day to day business and not have to worry about distractions.

  • Customization: No two businesses are alike, and neither are their water needs. Your water cooler provider should assist you in picking the machine that’s best suited for your business’ needs and help you determine the best location for the machine.
  • Certified technicians: The technicians who work on your filtered water dispenser should be well trained, so they master the parts and technology behind each water system and what it takes to keep them up and running. They should be able to track the product information and service history on your water cooler – so you don’t have to.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: Your water cooler service should take care of the installation of the filtered water dispenser and everything after including preventive maintenance, filter changes, and repairs. They should have a customer service department who is readily available to answer your questions, problem solve, and arrange prompt service calls.

The installation process is quick and easy.

Technicians will need to install and maintain your water coolers, so it is important that your provider’s technician is a seamless part of the service and treats your people and workplace with the utmost respect.

  • Respect the space: When service technicians are installing your water dispenser, they should be mindful that employees are working and need as much focus as possible. It is crucial that they do not disrupt the flow of business. Also, they should be respectful of the décor – wipe their feet, handle the filtered water dispenser with care, and clean up after themselves.
  • Respect your time: Just as the service technicians are trying to get a job done, so are you. They need to be respectful of you and your company’s time by being as quick as possible. The faster they are done, the sooner you can get back to your work and they can move onto their next customer.

Researching is the most crucial step when choosing a water cooler provider. It is recommended that you check out potential provider’s websites and compare your options. When you review the Quench website, you will find that we offer countertop and freestanding machines, different types of water and ice, carbon filters and reverse osmosis, and world-class customer service.

Learn more about Quench’s products and services and why we should be your water cooler provider!