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Treat Your Employees to Café del Campo

A mug of fresh, hot coffee

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 By the time your employees enter your office building at the start of the workday, they’ve likely already had an action-packed morning. In our fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for the first few hours of a person’s day to consist of going to the gym, getting kids ready for school, or driving […] Continue Reading

Try Out These 3 Bottleless Water Coolers

Quench water coolers in a modern breakroom

Last Updated: 9/14/2021 What qualities do you look for in an office water cooler? Advanced filtration technology? Eco-friendly features? Cost-effective benefits? Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought; it is just a water cooler, after all. Although a water cooler is rather simple, it is one of the most important amenities for your workplace. The […] Continue Reading

Quench Products: Benefits of Renting vs. Purchasing

Bottleless water cooler in office

People often wonder if they should be renting or buying a machine. Here at Quench we believe that renting one of our machines is the best option but here are some of the factors to take into consideration when deciding what office water cooler or ice machine is right for you. Renting a Filtered Water […] Continue Reading

Coffee Pod Machines: The Eco-Friendly Coffee Solution

People gathering in a cafeteria

Last updated: 1/8/2021 Office coffee traditionally meant one flavor brewed the way whoever was making the coffee liked it. If you didn’t like the flavor or how it was brewed, you had to either add enough creamer and sugar to mask the taste or suffer through it. And the coffee sat in the carafe until […] Continue Reading

10 Tips on Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

10 Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

We are halfway through 2016! Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolution? As celebration of the half-way New Year, we have gathered 10 tips on how drinking more water can help you jumpstart any New Year’s resolution. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions: Lose Weight – […] Continue Reading

Benefits of Deionized Water for Your Dental Office

Woman wearing mask in dental office

Last updated: 10/20/20 Dental practices need a reliable source of clean, filtered water for delivering great care. Improperly treated water running through dental unit waterlines could put your dental units at risk of developing harmful bacteria, which could spell trouble for patients. To avoid a build-up of harmful microorganisms and to keep doctor’s patients as […] Continue Reading

Join the Fight to Reduce Water Bottles!

A person picking up plastic trash

Last Updated: 9/15/2020 Experts believe the world’s plastic binge is as serious a threat as climate change. Eliminating our need for unnecessary containers like disposable water bottles can significantly reduce the plastic waste jeopardizing oceans, coastlines, and other environments. If you think about the fact that it takes a plastic bottle an estimated 500 years to […] Continue Reading

Drinking Water Fountains: The New Phone Booth

A traditional drinking water fountain

Drinking fountain, water fountain, or bubbler – public access to drinking water was once a revered feature of public life, now they are fading from America’s parks, schools, and stadiums. Jim Salzman, author of Drinking Water: A History, says they’re “going the way of pay phones.” Even the International Plumbing Code, which is followed by […] Continue Reading

How Much Water Should a Teenager Drink a Day? — Removing Barriers to Hydration at Your Business

Teen drinks water from green bottle

This article was last updated on 9/1/2022 Adequate water intake is essential for individuals of any age — but children and teenagers are especially susceptible groups that parents and organizations need to consider. Raging hormones or the terrible twos might not be the only cause of a child’s grumpy attitude. Chronic dehydration ultimately has wide-ranging […] Continue Reading

Does Bottled Water Go Bad in the Heat? — Why You Should Avoid Warm Plastic Bottles at Work

Someone holding a plastic water bottle up to the sunlight

This article was last updated on 8/2/2022 Organizations across industries are in need of clean and great-tasting water to keep employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance high. However, if your business currently leverages bottled water options at work, there are a few growing concerns that will be critical to consider moving forward — which include […] Continue Reading