Try Out These 3 Bottleless Water Coolers

Quench water coolers in a modern breakroom

Last Updated: 9/14/2021

What qualities do you look for in an office water cooler? Advanced filtration technology? Eco-friendly features? Cost-effective benefits? Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought; it is just a water cooler, after all. Although a water cooler is rather simple, it is one of the most important amenities for your workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers to provide potable drinking water in amounts that are adequate to meet the health and personal needs of each worker.[1]

Sure, you can fulfill these requirements by opting for a traditional 5-gallon water jug dispenser or a bottled water delivery service, but you would be missing out on key perks you can only get from a Quench bottleless water machine like advanced filtration technologies, including reverse osmosis systems, and top-notch service. Quench bottleless water machines are also eco-friendly and able to significantly reduce your CO₂ output and plastic waste.

If you associate words like “machine” with complicated technology and scary robots taking over the world, you can relax. Our Quench bottleless water machines (a.k.a. bottleless water coolers) are harmless and designed to make your life simpler; eliminating the need for 5-gallon water jug dispensers or bottled water delivery service. Highly certified Quench technicians can install Quench bottleless water coolers in your office within just an hour-and-a-half. Once installed, the water machine does the rest of the work, providing your employees with clean, great tasting water whenever they need or want it.

Quench bottleless water coolers are different from traditional water delivery services since they filter water on-site rather than at an off-site manufacturing plant. That means your business’s drinking water will never run out, freeing up time for you to focus your energy on matters directly related to your business as opposed to your building’s water supply. 

We get it. Change is not always easy. Those who are still not ready to part ways with their 5-gallon water jug dispensers or bottled water delivery service can click here to explore more benefits of bottleless water coolers.  

And to those who are ready to take their relationship with their office water to the next level, read on. Below, we listed our favorite water machines capable of saving your business money and keeping your workers hydrated.

Quench Q7


First up, we have our lean, mean, water filtration machine, the Quench Q7 (comes in a freestanding version and a countertop version). Although it may look simple and sleek on the outside, this bottleless water cooler features an array of intricate filtration technologies on the inside. Those advanced filtration and sanitization features work together to create quenchWATER+, a special kind of great-tasting alkaline water only found in Quench units. The quenchWATER+ filtration technology purifies your building’s water through a 5-step filtration process that includes a reverse osmosis system, then it adds essential electrolytes and minerals to revitalize the water’s taste and alkalinity. The Q7 also comes with a sanitizing LED ultraviolet light and antimicrobial protection that work interdependently with the other built-in filtration systems to destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. Can your 5-gallon water jug dispenser or bottled water delivery service do that?

Cross-contamination in the workplace is easily avoidable when you have Quench bottleless water coolers working for you. The best way to prevent illness is to limit guests, which is difficult to do when you rely on a bottled water delivery service to continuously restock your water supplies week after week. As we mentioned above, a point-of-use water machine like the Q7 doesn’t require refilling since it hooks up to your building’s existing water supply. That means you can avoid water delivery service visits altogether.

Customers that choose the freestanding Q7 can also get the added bonus of going touchless to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination even more. Q7 customers can choose to upgrade their machines and get touchless accessories added to their units. Touchless items able to be installed to our Q7 machines include a single foot pedal or our dual-action foot pedal. Both pedals allow users to dispense water using their feet as opposed to their hands.

Quench Q5

If you’re interested in the same reverse osmosis system and delicious quenchWATER+ that the Q7 offers, we also recommend the Quench Q5. The Q5 produces the same electrolyte and mineral infused water that the Q7 does. Yet, instead of dispensing buttons, the Q5 has dispensing paddles. Simply press the side of your drinkware to one of the Q5 paddles to release a steady stream of revitalizing quenchWATER+. There is no need to press fingers or hands to the machine, which is perfect for warehouse employees working with safety gloves or healthcare workers dressed in PPE. Paddles are also a great way to lower the spread of germs in the workplace since they allow users to dispense without directly contacting their water machine. Like the Q7, the Q5 comes in a freestanding version or a space-saving countertop version.

Quench Q12

Quench Q12 Commercial Capacity Water Cooler

Last but not least, we have the commercial capacity Quench Q12. This is the machine you rely on when you need a water cooler that can keep up with the demand of a variety of high-traffic environments, including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing operations, and cafeterias. With its large capacity tank, quick cooling recovery time, and large dispensing areas, the Quench Q12 is capable of hydrating hundreds of people at a time. Like the Q7 and the Q5, this machine also comes fully equipped with a built-in reverse osmosis system for those businesses worried about the quality of their local water.

Bottleless Water Machines Are Never Too Far from Your Workplace

Are you ready to make the switch from a water delivery service to a machine that never requires refilling? We’re here to make sure your employees are well cared for no matter where you’re located. Our bottleless water machines with reverse osmosis systems make sure the water in your employees’ glasses, cups, or bottles are filled with pure goodness. 

Quench has a national team of account managers and service technicians standing behind every filtered water machine. We have Quench Water Experts located across the country, but on our local page you will find a list of our major markets. Check it out to learn more about the local water in your area. For those who wish to offer their staff more than still water, Quench has sparkling water dispensers, ice machines, and coffee brewers as well. Click our product finder or fill out a “Get a Free Quote” form to learn more about all the products you can rent from Quench.