How a Quench Technician Installs a Bottleless Water Cooler

Top-down view of the Quench Q7 touchless filtered water cooler

A bottleless water cooler installation is quick and easy, especially when it’s done by a Quench certified technician. Quench technicians can install a cooler virtually anywhere in your office; in a break room, in a hallway, a waiting room, you name it. This can be particularly useful for companies that implement neighborhood office layouts.

As long as there’s an electrical outlet within 5 feet of the machine and a water source within 50 feet, you, your customers, and your employees can enjoy clean, great-tasting water wherever you are in the workplace. Plus, installers can run water lines behind walls, above drop ceilings, or under baseboards to render the line virtually invisible to passersby.  

The Installation Process is Quick and Painless

The bottleless water cooler installation process is as simple as running a network cable or phone line to your desk. Yet, before we get into exactly how to install a bottleless water cooler, there are some quick pre-installation requirements. Pre-installation processes vary depending on the machine. Download the checklist for your machine to make sure you have a quick and smooth installation.

The cleanliness of your water is our top priority. When you first order a Quench cooler, a Customer Care team member analyzes your local drinking water and customizes a filtration solution based on your zip code to ensure your office drinking water is clean and great-tasting. Then once your cooler is on-site, Quench technicians identify a potable water source and test the water quality and pressure in your building. That means by the time your installation is complete, you can have full confidence you’re getting the best water solution uniquely tailored to your workplace needs.

“We try to make the installation as frictionless as possible with minimal disruption to our customer’s business,” said Chris Turano, Senior Vice President of Service and Supply Chain at Quench. “Our certified and insured service technicians will work with customers individually to determine the best location for their Quench machine. It typically takes 1.5 hours to install a water cooler.”

Here’s what the installation process looks like:

How to install a bottle-free water cooler infographic

After determining the proper filtration and pressure regulation, the technicians install a water line, using high quality, food-grade tubing, from the water source to your machine. They then flush the filtration system and perform a 6-point inspection of the machine for proper function and water quality. Once this process is complete, your Quench tech walks you through exactly how to use your new Quench machine to empower you and the rest of your workforce to stay hydrated for years to come. Quench techs are all insured and undergo extensive training at “Quench University” where they master the technology behind each water system, and what it takes to keep them operational.

You’re in Good Hands with Quench Service Technicians

Our quick and reliable service has not wavered even during the coronavirus pandemic. “I was worried Quench wouldn’t be able to complete the installation due to COVID-19, but they did with flying colors,” said a spokesperson for Sofidel, the tissue paper company. “Their technicians were diligent and timely, and super friendly. We appreciate their work and couldn’t be happier with the result.”

A technician’s job is not over once he or she has completed your bottleless water cooler installation. As part of Quench’s comprehensive service program, a highly trained Quench technician routinely conducts an 11-point inspection and maintenance service on all your Quench machines. A preventive maintenance service call is administered yearly for water coolers and coffee brewers and bi-annually for ice machines and most sparkling water coolers.

Technicians are equipped with cell phones tablets running Quench’s service app to track your cooler’s information and service history. Our ERP system will automatically remind your Quench technician when your machines need maintenance. This frees up any burden from you having to remember to call your service tech for regular maintenance. Click here and see the chart below to review the services included in a preventative maintenance call.

Bottle-free water cooler preventative maintenance checklist

Quench Water Experts are on call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET to answer questions, solve problems, and arrange prompt service calls. Quench-badged technicians perform all services, and whether it’s preventive maintenance, a filter change, or repair, the cost is included in your monthly rental fee.

The best bottleless water coolers are right around the corner from you. There are Quench Water Experts and technicians located across the United States. Find one conveniently located near you by checking out our list of major markets here. Your employees and customers will thank you. 

To learn more Quench’s best bottleless water dispensers and to see which one is right for your workplace, check out our Product Finder!