The Benefits of a Flavored Water Dispenser in Your Office

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Cultivating a positive company culture can be a challenge, especially now, as many businesses operate remotely. If you plan to follow the lead of brands like Amazon, Microsoft, and Capital One,[1] and return to the office this fall, think about ways to boost morale as employees head back. Many of your workers have spent months in quarantine and may be itching for a bit of excitement. That’s where a flavored water dispenser comes in. Imagine your staff visiting the break room for the first time in months to find a colorful smart water cooler waiting for them. A promise of bottomless, naturally flavored water is worth the drive to work.

There are bountiful benefits of having a flavored water dispenser in your office, and boosting morale is just one of them. Read on to discover more ways enhanced water can help your business thrive.  

The Benefits of Offering a Flavored Water Dispenser

Recruiting New Candidates

Stuffy and antiquated offices give prospects a reason to look elsewhere for employment. Contrarily, attractive amenities (like a modern break room) can draw more applicants to your company. Office perks show candidates you’ll go above and beyond to grant them a greater quality of life, which is often a deciding factor for many Millennials.

It’s beneficial to attract the Millennial population to your company since they make up the largest segment of the United States workforce. A 2019 study confirms this generation demands more from their employers in terms of wellbeing support. Generally, Millennials have a broad definition of health that includes physical, emotional, financial, and social aspects.[2] A beverage machine like a Bevi Smart Water Cooler can fulfill multiple demands of Millennial workers. It both lightens the mood of the office environment and provides a convenient means of hydration. Plus, a specialty flavored water unit eliminates your employees’ needs to purchase single-use bottled beverages from a vending machine, which can prove to them that your brand is committed to the environment.

Save Cans and Plastic Bottles

A smart water dispenser like the Bevi Smart Water Cooler is a revolutionary way to cut down on plastic waste. According to Bevi, their smart water dispensers have saved the waste generated by over 180 million plastic bottles.[3] The water from these machines and other similar point-of-use coolers connect to your building’s water source and filter the water on-site. This reduces not only the waste of bottles and cans but also the production and distribution pollution associated with those containers, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from burning fuel.

Keep Employees Happy

We could all benefit from a pick-me-up from time to time. A specialty flavored water unit in the office gives workers an excuse to peel their eyes away from their computer screens, get up from their desks, and stretch their legs. It can also serve as positive reinforcement for those times the office needs a morale boost. When the afternoon slump hits harder than normal, smart water machines offer personalized pours with the option to add caffeine or electrolytes.

The physical act of visiting a water cooler can also make you think more clearly as well. Researchers found the impact of walking on your feet sends pressure waves through the arteries. Thus, a short stroll through the office can actually increase blood flow to the brain, jumpstarting mid-day energy levels.[4]  

Hydrate the Entire Office

The health benefits of water are undeniable, yet many still struggle to consume the recommended amount simply because they lack motivation. Some may find the act of drinking plain water to be almost as boring as saying plain water out loud. Many would rather quench their thirst with high-sugar/high-calorie alternatives like soft drinks to satisfy their sweet tooth. And while they may taste delicious, sugary drinks like soda can prevent the body from absorbing water and further dehydrate you and your employees even more. 

With flavored water, you get the best of both worlds! Fruit-infused H₂O is a great way to kick an unhealthy soda habit since it tastes sweet, but it still has all the hydrating benefits of plain water. Plus, if you invest in a flavored sparkling water dispenser, you can toggle between, still or sparkling water, different flavors, and various enhancements. It’s hard to lose interest with endless options right at your fingertips.

Save Space

Most businesses want to make sure that their resources are used wisely. Floor space, fridge space, and storage areas can be hard to come by in the workplace. When they’re filled with 5-gallon water jugs, bottled water, or aluminum cans, it can be frustrating. Instead of wasting valuable space, get a single point-of-use water unit that offers an endless supply of delicious filtered (and flavored) water.

Consider a Specialty Flavored Water Unit

The Quench Water Experts suggest investing in a specialty flavored water unit like the Bevi Smart Water Cooler. With these flavorful options, employees and guests can easily navigate the user interface, which also has a touchless feature, to create one refreshing beverage after another. Choose from a long list of fruity selections, including lime, lemon, raspberry, cucumber, pomegranate, coconut, and peach.

Users also can toggle between still or sparkling water and mix and match flavors and enhancements. Enhancements include caffeine, electrolytes, Vitamin C, and natural sweeteners. 

Contact a Quench Water Expert Today

Prove your investment in your staff’s overall wellbeing and long-term health by giving them a reason to get up from their seats and hydrate. Quench offers a variety of still and sparkling bottleless water coolers, both flavored and non-flavored, to help optimize health throughout the workplace.  

Those who would prefer to use a flavored sparkling water dispenser without directly contacting the machine can look into Bevi and Elkay’s new touchless features. All new and existing Bevi machines offer touchless dispensing using a smartphone.

There are also countertop flavored water machines for those who are interested in smaller units that do not take up as much space. The Bevi countertop water dispenser features the same customizable features as its freestanding counterpart. If you’re interested in flavorless sparkling water, check out our other countertop water dispenser options, including Quench 528Quench 578, and the Quench 575.

Click here to explore Quench’s full sparkling and flavored water dispenser collection. And if you’re already sold on one of our units, click on the green “Get a Quote” button above and one of our Quench Water Experts will contact you. Or give us a call at 1-844-409-1751.