Implementing Proper Ice Machine Maintenance — Your Role and the Responsibilities of Your Vendor

ice machine in office

Ice machine maintenance can seem overwhelming at first glance, but it’s not as arduous as you might think. While proper maintenance is certainly necessary to ensure your machine maintains peak performance, advanced solutions and reliable vendors can make the process much easier. However, you might be wondering what exactly your role in the maintenance process looks like.

If you use an ice maker or are considering one for your business, read on to take a closer look at what your role involves and what you should expect from your vendor. 

Considering an Ice Machine for Your Business

Leaders are progressively considering an ice maker to elevate their workplace water supply. Fresh ice can add a little extra something to your drinking water, and can make it more appealing to your employees and customers. This is an effective way to maintain a hydrated workplace, which can provide your business with benefits that can’t be ignored. 

An ice machine can help your company:

  • Drive hydration throughout your workplace: Upgrading your current workplace water and ice supply solution is important to promote hydration. Providing delicious, clean water is likely to ensure your employees and customers stay properly hydrated throughout the workday — which is a boon to your business.
  • Improve the taste of your water supply: A water filter system is not only valuable for your drinking water quality but for your ice supply as well. Clean ice is an adequate way to suppress flavor, which alleviates the taste of impurities in different drinks.
  • Boost feelings of happiness: Adults who drink the recommended amount of water each day are 3 times more likely to feel very happy, per a report from Ladders. As workplace hydration increases, your employees and customers are likely to experience a boost in morale as a result. 
  • Increase engagement and productivity: Supporting proper hydration in the workplace can also have valuable effects on your operational efficiency. A report from Insights For Professionals found that 95% of workers reported that drinking more water increases their concentration and productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction: While an ice machine can provide your employees with an abundance of benefits, it’s also advantageous for your customer base as well. Improved water and ice supply is an extra amenity that helps you stand out from competitors and keeps your customers around long term. 
  • Enhanced employee and consumer well-being: Drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day has a significant impact on your health. According to Harvard Health, water has an abundance of important jobs including flushing out toxins, aiding digestion, regulating body temperature, normalizing blood pressure, and more. 

The benefits of an ice machine, and the inevitable improved workplace hydration, emphasize the importance of keeping high-quality water and ice solutions top of mind. However, while the advantages of an ice maker are clear, you might be wondering what kind of machine repair, cleaning and regular maintenance you can expect along the way.

Cleaning and Maintenance to Maintain Your Ice Maker 

To guarantee your ice maker is prepared for employees, guests, and customers, there are recommended best practices for ice machine cleaning that are helpful to keep in mind. 

If your machine is new or has not been used in over 8-12 weeks, it is recommended that you ask a professional technician to service your machine before use. Preventive maintenance for new machines and machines that have been out of service for over 8-12 weeks includes:

  • Collecting a bucket, disinfecting wipes or spray, and cleaning rags before you get started.
  • Turning off your water supply and dispensing all stored ice to get rid of any old or stale ice cubes.
  • Disconnecting the machine from the power outlet for about 24 hours.
  • Reconnecting your ice maker and dispensing all ice made in the first 15 to 20 minutes it’s on.
  • Flushing water through the machine by dispensing water for about 1 minute.
  • Wiping the entire surface of your machine, paying attention to the dispensing area, nozzles, paddles, and touchscreen.

Regular, everyday maintenance can be completed by workplace staff and/or facilities managers. Regular, everyday maintenance includes: 

  • Wiping the entire surface of your machine, paying extra attention to the dispensing areas, nozzles, paddles, and touchscreens to help prevent build up of limescale.

The importance of proper cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be underestimated. If your dispenser isn’t well-maintained, your machine can quickly be clogged with unwanted visitors like dirt, limescale, and mold. You not only run the risk of reducing workplace hydration and operational efficiency but also negatively impacting your employees’ and customers’ health. 

If you own your ice machine, the burden of routine maintenance can be heavy. To alleviate the strain of proper maintenance and repairs, it might be a good time to consider renting a commercial ice machine instead. Finding a reliable machine from the right vendor can transform how you provide water and ice to your business.

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance From a Reliable Vendor

Luckily, if you’re working with a vendor, repair and maintenance for your commercial ice machine are likely to be a lot easier. But keep in mind, finding a vendor you can consistently depend on is equally as significant as using  a reliable machine. When choosing your water service provider, look for reliable products, a skilled service team, and a responsive customer care team to make the decision easier — and ensure you’re getting the service you need.  

Your machine is only as good as the vendor who provides the service, but what exactly should maintenance and repair services look like from a top-tier vendor? With water service providers like Quench, you can expect service and customer care that includes:

  • Speedy ice machine installation
  • Fast turnaround for service requests 
  • Certified technicians at your disposal
  • Valuable follow-up
  • Consistent availability 
  • Customer service at all levels

Quench’s exceptional follow-up might be just what your business needs to optimize your repair and maintenance procedures. Our certified technicians will routinely conduct an 11-point inspection and maintenance service on your commercial ice maker. A quality vendor will ensure you have access to the help you need at all times — guaranteeing your ice maker works properly year-round. Partnering with a high-quality water service provider and first-rate machines is the best approach to streamline your maintenance process. 

Optimize Your Ice Machine Maintenance With Quench 

With the benefits of a commercial ice machine in mind, considering one for your business might be the best way to drive hydration throughout your workplace — while improving productivity, engagement, and wellness as a result. If you’ve been looking for premium options that fit your business and great service to go with it, Quench can help.

Quench provides a wide array of top-tier commercial ice machines across the country to deliver the cleanest and best-tasting ice to your business. You can explore a variety of options to find the ice maker that works for you. Plus, with our consistently high levels of service, we’re a vendor you can depend on. Our all-inclusive services, including preventive maintenance, cleanings, and filter changes, can help your business rest assured that the hardest work involved in commercial ice machine repair and maintenance is taken care of. 

Ready to streamline your ice maker procurement and maintenance? Try our product finder to discover the machine your business needs or get a free quote to get started.