Water Service Company Near Me — Installation vs Delivery Options to Consider

Water Service Company

Finding the right water service company in your area can feel overwhelming — especially as options become more abundant. But, an understanding of what exactly water service companies do, who they serve, and the different options available can help you determine the right choice for your organization. 

What Do Water Service Companies Do?

Water service companies are essential to providing drinking water to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy. If you’re interested in water service for your organization — luckily — diverse options are served across industries. 

Traditional Water Delivery Service

In terms of traditional water delivery service, this typically involves 3-gallon or 5-gallon water coolers being brought to your business on an as-needed basis. 

How often is water delivered?

It’s normal for customers to go through approximately 3 to 4 jugs per month, however, this number often varies. For larger corporations or even businesses that generally use more water — such as gyms — the number of water coolers that need to be delivered monthly can greatly increase. This leads to much higher monthly costs than you might have initially anticipated. According to Fixr, the national average cost of bottled water delivery is $45 per month but can reach as high as $115 depending on how much water your business typically consumes. 

What other factors affect pricing?

More than the number of bottled water coolers being used, the type of water your business prefers can also impact your monthly price. Drinking water can range from suitable clean water to the purest water around — including distilled, mineral, spring, and artesian water. And, don’t forget about the costs of renting or buying a dispenser. With different dispenser types available from a variety of vendors, these prices commonly fluctuate. However, it’s helpful to keep all of these expenses in mind when making your decision. 

What does water delivery service support look like?

While the water you receive in your water jug is meant to be clean and pure, a water cooler does need to be cleaned periodically. It’s typical to sanitize your bottled water dispenser once every six weeks for the best results. 

Other considerations

As a result of bulky bottles and frequent deliveries, there’s a sizable environmental impact to consider. Not only do these deliveries generate large amounts of plastic waste, but they’re responsible for high carbon emissions from delivery trucks. More than simply considering your environmental impact, a 2017 Cone Communications CSR study found that 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company — and 88% of employees will be more loyal to an organization — that supports environmental issues. 

A New Approach to Water for Business — Water Installation Service

If the monthly costs and maintenance involved in traditional water delivery don’t sound like the option for your organization, then installation might be a better fit. Instead of worrying about frequent deliveries, your business can enjoy an endless supply of clean drinking water from an array of bottleless machines with one installation. Quench® offers water-as-a-service solutions to bring your organization endless filtered water and reliable service year-round. 

Products available

Unlike traditional water delivery, installation services provide different options to consider as well. Quench offers a variety of products including:

No matter which product is best for your business, the installation process and subsequent support provided by Quench are maintained across options. So you can choose what’s best for you, and leave the hard work to us! 

What does water installation service support look like?

With Quench, highly trained service professionals install your water systems with little to no disruptions, and later on, they come back to change your filters for you. While the frequency of these filter changes varies depending on the type of water cooler and filter your organization uses, you can expect filter maintenance at least once a year. 

In between filter changes, you can rest assured that your drinking water is in proper condition with Quench cooler’s self-cleaning features — including UV sanitization and antimicrobial surface protection. And, if you have any concerns along the way, you can always request service and a professional will be there to help in no time. 

The benefits of installation

  • Clean water: Not only can installation help your business avoid the extra work and thought involved in water delivery but the water from a bottleless cooler is just as clean — or even cleaner — than the water you would find in a 5-gallon jug. 
  • More environmentally friendly: Bottleless water coolers are effective at reducing plastic waste and eliminating emissions caused by delivery trucks. For an office of 50 daily users, organizations replacing water jugs with bottleless water coolers are responsible for 53% fewer tons of CO2 every year
  • Cost-effective: While bottleless water cooler installation is an initial investment, the money saved on frequent delivery and maintenance is more cost-effective in the long run. 

Water Service Companies in Communities Near Me 

Businesses across industries can benefit from a steady stream of drinking water being available to the office or its customers. However, it’s important to determine which option will be most valuable to your organization and see what service companies are available to communities near you. 

Water delivery service near me

When it comes to traditional water delivery, there are likely different services available in your area. This even includes delivery from larger retail corporations — such as Target or Costco. However, because of the wide range of pricing, it’s recommended to get quotes from multiple sources before concluding which delivery service in your area will work best. 

Water installation service near me

If the ease, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective features of installation sound like your organization’s next move, you’ll be glad to hear that Quench serves businesses nationally. From San Diego to Dallas to New York City — Quench Water Experts are located across the country to solve your company water needs. You can find a list of our major markets here and click on a city to quickly learn more about the local water and filtration options available in that area. 

With national reach, reliable service, and supplementary options available, Quench is bringing a new meaning to water service. If you’re interested in a bottleless machine for your company, reach out to us and get a free quote. Start your journey to an endless supply of filtered water today!