Ice Machines and How They Can Elevate Your Drinking Water

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Providing high-quality drinking water options for your workforce and customers is important to boost morale and promote hydration, but an ice machine is a valuable way to go the extra mile. Read on to learn how procuring an ice machine for your business can improve the drinking water experience.  

Considering a Commercial Ice Machine for Your Business

An ice machine might seem like a simple idea for your business but it’s an effective way to elevate your office drinking water and help your organization reap a host of benefits along the way. This includes a number of health benefits, as well as increased engagement in employees. The culmination of these excess advantages can even help your business stand out amongst competitors. In fact, Forbes found highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability and 89% of workers who feel their well-being is supported are more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work. 

Types of Ice Machines and Features

When it comes to commercial ice makers, it’s important to find the one that’s the right fit for your business. Luckily, these ice machines are often distinct in the type of ice they produce, as well as their various features — which might make your decision easier.

The most common types of ice machines to consider include:

  • Freestanding ice machines
  • Countertop ice makers or portable ice makers
  • Undercounter machines 
  • Ice baggers
  • Commercial bin ice machines

As you explore different types of ice machines, don’t overlook the ice it provides because different ice is suitable to serve unique purposes. If you’re looking for something with a slower melting rate, then you might consider half-dice ice or crescent ice. These are standard options when it comes to ice type, but their shape and optimal cooling make them a fitting choice for bagging or customer service industries such as restaurants and cafés. For something to chill your drink evenly, tulip ice is a fitting way to go. These ice cubes are commonly found in self-serve dispensers and commercial ice makers — so they’re a great option for hotels. In terms of ice production, you can never go wrong with nugget ice. Commonly referred to as “the good ice,” nugget ice is soft and chewable and, therefore, typically a favorite among consumers. 

Other Considerations

A key factor in finding the right ice dispenser involves taking into account the features it offers. These might include:

  • Production and storage capacity: These needs are unique depending on your industry or the size of your business. Larger enterprises often require higher ice production and more storage capacity to fulfill demand. 
  • Filtration and sanitization: Ice dispensers from vendors like Quench® offer built-in filtration and sanitization technology — which makes the cleaning process significantly easier on your end. 
  • Space-efficiency: With less room available, a more space-efficient option, such as a freestanding or countertop ice machine, might be the way to go for your business. 
  • Drainless options: A drainless ice machine option provides higher flexibility in terms of where the machine can be placed since it does not require a drain connection in order to recycle melted water from stored ice. 

With advanced solutions offered by Quench, you can even have your cake and eat it too. Choose from diverse commercial ice machine options that dispense ice and water — so you can ensure your employees and customers have access to an endless supply of both.  

The Benefits of an Ice Machine and Elevated Drinking Water 

Whether you’re serving employees, customers, patients, or students, an ice machine is beneficial across industries. Not only can an ice machine be a simple way to gain a competitive edge, but it also drives hydration. With fresh ice comes employees who are more eager to drink water throughout the day, and in the office this is essential for productivity. In fact, Cognitive Vitality found that dehydration impairs cognitive function and makes the brain work harder when completing even simple tasks. 

More than promoting hydration in your workforce, you can elevate your drinking water for any consumer. Ice water is a tasty and refreshing option that can: 

  • Promote hydration 
  • Suppress flavor to alleviate the taste of impurities
  • Provide a refreshing feeling
  • Flush out toxins 
  • Aid digestion 
  • Boost feelings of happiness 

Choosing Your Ice Machine With Quench

If you’re looking for crystal clear ice that your employees and consumers will love, choose an ice dispenser with Quench. Quench offers an assortment of ice machines with advanced filtration and purification technologies to deliver the cleanest and best-tasting ice.

Try our product finder to discover the machine that’s the perfect match for your business and get a free quote — so you can say goodbye to cloudy ice and hello to advanced ice and drinking water solutions.