The Problems With Bulk Water Delivery — Considering a Bottleless Water Dispenser Alternative

man bends down to lift water jug

Hydrated employees are a key factor in keeping performance and productivity high in the workplace, and as a result, providing clean drinking water at work has become a growing priority for organizations.  Over the years, organizations have relied on bulk water delivery, but the associated problems and growing concerns are quickly driving organizations to a superior option. 

Read on to learn more about the challenges linked to bulk water solutions and why a bottleless water cooler and water filtration system might be a better fit. 

The Challenges of Bulk Water Delivery

Bulk water delivery service involves the delivery of 5-gallon plastic jugs or other bottled water products to your workplace. This has proved to be a seemingly sufficient option for providing drinking water at work, however, there are a number of affiliated challenges for organizations to note. These include:

  • Valuable team members becoming preoccupied with consistent delivery needs.
  • The hassle associated with frequent cleaning. 
  • Unnecessary heavy lifting as a result of bottled water delivery — posing significant safety risks.  
  • The inefficient use of space as organizations try to find a suitable place for large gallon jugs. 
  • Significant environmental repercussions from bulk water deliveries — including plastic waste and high carbon emissions.

Considering the Switch to a Bottleless Water Cooler

With the challenges that organizations face throughout traditional water delivery service, it’s valuable to consider how an alternative can streamline and simplify your process for water procurement. 

An increasing number of organizations are turning to bottleless water dispensers and advanced filtration systems to elevate their workplace water supply. A bottleless water dispenser from Quench® not only has a sleek design for more efficient use of space but also connects directly to your water line — so your employees, guests, and customers have access to an endless supply of drinking water. Moreover, with advanced water filtration technology — which includes reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and a sediment filter — you can rest assured that your teams will have consistent access to clean water when they need it most.

The Advantages of Implementing a Better Alternative

As organizations turn their attention away from bottled water delivery and introduce more effective drinking water systems, they’re likely to see a host of benefits as a result. These advantages include:

  • Improved hydration throughout your workplace: This will prove essential considering 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, according to a report from Forbes. 
  • Boosted employee wellness: Healthline reports that increased water intake can significantly encourage employee health by increasing energy levels and brain function, preventing headaches, helping treat kidney stones, and improving digestion.
  • Greater engagement and productivity: As a result of improved hydration, employees will have the fuel they need to stay engaged and productive throughout the work day.

Choosing Your Bottleless Water Dispenser With Quench

Explore a wide range of bottleless water dispensers from Quench — to provide clean drinking water that any employee or customer will enjoy. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, comprehensive customer service, local water experts, and qualified technicians, Quench is a water service provider your organization can depend on. 

Try our product finder to discover the bottleless water cooler that’s a match for your business’s unique needs or get a free quote to get started.