How a Water Filtration System for Office Drinking Water Can Elevate Your Working Environment

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When it comes to office drinking water, it might be time to ditch traditional water jugs for something cleaner and more beneficial. A bottled water cooler has been a sufficient way to provide water to your employees over the years, but with advanced solutions for water filtration, there might be a better way to deliver high-quality water to your workplace.  

Read on to learn more about water filtration and how it can improve your office water supply — which inevitably benefits your business as a result. 

Upgrading Your Office Water Supply With Filtration

It’s essential not to underestimate the importance of a proper drinking water supply at work. Not only is water a necessity to keep your employees happy and productive, but it’s equally important to provide clean drinking water to keep them healthy as well. 

Considering a water filtration system is a powerful way to drive hydration in your workforce. The simple act of offering an endless supply of purified water can effectively increase employee engagement, hydration, productivity, and health. This is certainly a boon to your overall business and operational efficiency moving forward. So, if you’ve thought about utilizing a filtered dispenser, it’s a great time to make the switch. 

How a Water Filtration System Works

While the intention of providing pure water is always ideal, you might be wondering how water filtration works. Water filters can be implemented for a variety of purposes, from making your water taste and smell better to removing any contaminants that might be present. There isn’t one filter that works for every purpose, so it’s best to find the type that’s the best fit for your organization and drinking water needs. 

The most common types of water filters include:

  • Sediment filtration
  • Ion exchange
  • Carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Mineral addback filters

The list doesn’t end there! If you’re not sure which option is most fitting for you, take our water filter quiz to find your best match. 

With advanced solutions from vendors like Quench®, you can enjoy a combination of filters for the highest-quality water around. The Quench Q-Series machines include quenchWATER+, which is produced using 5 stages of filtration to remove sediments, contaminants, and bad tastes while adding minerals and electrolytes back in. The result is great-tasting alkaline water and maximum workplace hydration. 

Advantages of Improved Drinking Water — From Satisfaction to Health Benefits

Switching from traditional bottled water jugs or even plain tap water to a water filter system can instantly elevate your working environment. The benefits of water filtration have an impressive range as well, from increasing the satisfaction of your employees to their long-term health. 

Business environment benefits

When it comes to water filtration systems, your organization can expect to see a host of advantages which include:

  • Improved productivity: If you’re looking to maintain peak levels of productivity throughout your workplace, you need to ensure your employees are fully hydrated. According to The Daily MBA, just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity
  • Boosted morale: A hydrated workforce is also a happy workforce. The USGS reports water makes up roughly 73% of your brain, so it stands to reason that hydration is beneficial to your overall happiness. Improving your existing water supply is an effective way to increase feelings of happiness in your employees and boost morale throughout your workplace. 
  • Talent acquisition: Introducing a water dispenser with an advanced filtration solution may seem simple in nature, but it may actually be the employee perk you need to stand out amid competitors. Proper hydration can lead to a happier workplace that brings in top-tier talent as a result. 
  • Employee retention: A report from Zippia found the average annual turnover rate was 57.3% in 2020. Turnover has continued to be high in recent years, which means employee retention is top of mind for a majority of organizations. A bottleless water cooler may be the perfect addition to your office to realize an abundance of benefits and subsequently improve employee retention in the long run. 

Workforce health benefits

In addition to elevating your working environment, your workforce is also likely to enjoy a number of health benefits as well. The importance of healthy employees cannot be understated, but the main health advantages filtered water can provide include:

  • Decreased fatigue and increased focus: One of the most common symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration is fatigue, along with lethargy, muscle weakness, dizziness and a lack of focus, according to BMC Public Health. Driving hydration throughout your workforce can effectively reduce feelings of fatigue and increase focus in your employees, which is highly beneficial to long-term performance. 
  • Boosted immunity: Not only is municipal tap water not as clean as you might think, but neither is water from a plastic bottle. Traditional options tend to have higher levels of contaminants and pathogens than are acceptable. Switching to an improved water purification system is the best way to boost hydration, as well as immunity throughout your workplace.
  • Decreased absenteeism: Because bottled water coolers are typically less clean than most organizations realize they may also overlook the impact these options have on your absenteeism. Employee absence is a detriment to productivity and extremely costly as well. An advanced filtration system is likely to improve employee health and decrease absenteeism as a result. 

Utilize Advanced Water Solutions With Quench

Your drinking water quality should be a priority. High-quality water solutions have an incredibly large impact on human health and implementing a better system is likely the most effective way to boost morale and productivity in your workforce. 

Choosing a bottleless water cooler with Quench means you have access to an endless supply of clean and filtered water. With cutting-edge technology, the Quench Q-Series machines and quenchWATER+ solutions aim to ensure you have drinking water that is high-quality, contaminant-free and great-tasting.

If you’re ready for a bottleless water cooler and water filtration system that can drive workplace hydration and operational efficiency, try our product finder to discover the machine that’s the right fit for you. Get a free quote to get started.