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Can Coronavirus Be Transferred Through Drinking Water?

A glass of fresh, filtered water being poured outside

The current worldwide health crisis has consumers stocking up on essential supplies like hand sanitizer, spray disinfectant, and cleaners to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Plastic water bottles are also flying off the shelves, leaving many to wonder if coronavirus can also be transferred through tap water. Well, rest assured, the Quench Water Experts are […] Continue Reading

It’s Time to Replace Your 5-Gallon Water Jug With a Bottleless Water Dispenser

A Quench Q7 touchless water cooler in a lobby

This blog was last updated on 11/4/2022. Over the years, organizations have relied on tap water, water delivery services, and bottled water coolers to provide their employees and customers with clean drinking water — assuming this was the most convenient hydration solution for their workplace. However, with the emergence and growing popularity of alternative drinking […] Continue Reading

5 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Workplace

Colleagues exchanging gifts

Another year has passed, which means another holiday season is upon us. It’s time for family gatherings, festive parties, and gift giving. Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most stressful. Trying to decide what presents to give your family and friends can be hard enough, but now […] Continue Reading

A Gift the Entire Office Can Enjoy

A woman wearing a Santa Claus hat

The holiday season is a great time to give thanks to people you care about and those who have supported you throughout the year. As you gather with friends and family, you may exchange holiday gifts, cards, and/or mementos… but what about your employees? It’s important to remember all the hard work they have put […] Continue Reading

How to Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles in the Workplace

A woman standing in a office building

Plastic pollution is an ever-increasing global issue and one of the world’s key environmental challenges. As we become more educated about the plastic pollution problem, corporations to individuals try harder to come up with a solution. Recycling has been the go-to answer. However, less than 30 percent of plastic bottles purchased in the U.S. are […] Continue Reading

quenchWATER+ Now Available with Q-Series Bottleless Water Coolers

quenchWATER+ dispensing via Quench Q7

For over 20 years, Quench has been providing sustainable drinking water solutions to more than 50,000 businesses across the country. In that time, we have learned that no two businesses are alike, and neither are their office water needs. That’s why Quench has a dedicated team of water experts who analyze the local drinking water […] Continue Reading

Searching for a Bottleless Water Cooler Service? Use this Checklist!

A woman filling out a checklist

Choosing the best bottleless water cooler service for your business can be a daunting task. People are picky about their water! Your decision could potentially affect the happiness and hydration of your workplace. When choosing a bottleless water cooler service for your business, our checklist below will ensure you will not miss the mark. The […] Continue Reading

Considering a Water-as-a-Service Alternative to Office Water Delivery

A Quench Q7 water cooler in a breakroom

This article was updated on 8/4/2022 Employees need access to high-quality drinking water at work to support both their well-being and performance long term. However, organizations that rely on traditional bottled water delivery may not be seeing the benefits that a properly hydrated workforce can provide. In the modern workplace, organizations across industries are turning […] Continue Reading

Buying vs. Renting a Bottleless Water Cooler: The Pros and Cons

People sitting around a Quench water cooler

Most workplaces realize the importance of providing fresh, clean drinking water for their employees, guests, and customers. Research shows that hydration can improve productivity, mood, memory, energy level, and clarity; all of which can impact the organization’s’ bottom line. So, if providing water to your employees is the obvious right decision – what’s the challenge? […] Continue Reading