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Water Coolers

Professional Water Services — What Do They Offer and How Do I Find a Dependable Service Provider Near Me

man holding glass of water

Providing high-quality drinking water at work can have a more significant impact on your workforce and customers than you might think. Your workplace water supply is a key element in driving hydration throughout your organization, which can quickly bring your productivity and operational efficiency to the next level as a result. However, working with a […] Continue Reading

How to Clean Water Dispenser Machines — Preventive Maintenance and When to Call Professionals

glass of water on white water dispenser

Cleaning your workplace water dispenser is incredibly important today, especially considering 87% of employees want healthier workspaces, per a wellness trend report from Fellowes Brands. Simply having a water cooler might not be enough to drive hydration if your dispenser is dirty and unappealing. Luckily, with the right procedures for cleaning in place, you can […] Continue Reading

The True and Hidden Costs of Bottled Water Dispensers

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If you currently use a bottled water dispenser to provide your workplace with drinking water, you might be overlooking the true costs of this practice. Bottled water delivery has been a sufficient way to promote hydration over the years, but there’s more to this routine than meets the eye. This can be costly for multiple […] Continue Reading

Proper Water Cooler Service for Office Drinking Water

Bottleless water cooler in office

Office drinking water can do a lot for your business, but it can be difficult to take advantage of the benefits it can offer without the right water cooler service in place. Finding the water dispenser that’s suitable for your business is only the first step. You need an understanding of what your water cooler […] Continue Reading

The Value of Quality Bottleless Water Cooler Repair and Maintenance — And the Costs of Not Doing It

bottleless water cooler with glass

A bottleless water cooler is beneficial to provide your business with great-tasting water and support hydration throughout your workplace. However, you might be wondering what repair and maintenance are involved with these machines. Luckily, advanced solutions take the burden of frequent cleanings, filter changes, and repairs off of you — so your employees can enjoy […] Continue Reading

The Future of The Office Water Dispenser — Delivery vs Installation

office water dispenser with glass of water

A hydrated workplace is essential to boost workplace morale and improve performance long-term. The benefits of an enhanced hydration experience are clear, but with so many options available, it’s hard to determine what water cooler dispenser will be the best for your business.  Let’s take a closer look into office water dispensers — so you […] Continue Reading

Considering a Touchless Water Dispenser — From Convenience to Sanitation to Health Benefits

Touchless water dispenser in office

If you’ve been considering a touchless water dispenser for your business, you’re not alone. Companies of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the benefits associated with a hands-free filtered water dispenser and working toward improving their sanitation systems, and your office could be next. These innovative water systems  might be just the solution you’ve been […] Continue Reading

Procurement Best Practices — Streamlining the Process of Obtaining Water for the Workplace

Water Procurement Officer

Efficient procurement is vital for businesses to consider, especially as supply chain disruptions continue. While strategic procurement spans a broad range of aspects within businesses, this is also advantageous to consider in regard to obtaining water for your workplace.  You might be wondering what exactly water procurement entails, so we’re taking a closer look into […] Continue Reading

Water Service Company Near Me — Installation vs Delivery Options to Consider

Water Service Company

Finding the right water service company in your area can feel overwhelming — especially as options become more abundant. But, an understanding of what exactly water service companies do, who they serve, and the different options available can help you determine the right choice for your organization.  What Do Water Service Companies Do? Water service […] Continue Reading

Comparing Bottleless Water Coolers: Price & Features

Bottleless Water Cooler

Did you know Quench has one of the most comprehensive product roadmaps in the industry? It’s true! Quench customers can choose from a lineup of 30+ unique point-of-use water products, including six bottleless water coolers. From small startups to corporate enterprises, ballrooms to board rooms, film fests to fall fests, and everything in between, Quench […] Continue Reading