Ice Machine Maintenance Companies Near Me and the Services They Provide

glass of ice in front of blue background

Fresh ice cubes are a great way to add a little something extra to your workplace water supply. However, if these machines aren’t properly maintained, they’re unlikely to support hydration in your workforce and customers. If you currently employ an ice maker or are considering one for your business, it’s essential to understand how to take care of your ice maker and how to find dependable service in your area when you need it.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about ice machine maintenance and repair and how to find the best professional help near you. 

The Ins and Outs of Ice Machine Maintenance and Repair

If you own your dispenser, ice machine cleaning, maintenance, and repair are typically best left to the professionals. While you can lightly disinfect your equipment to keep it clean, deep-cleaning and maintenance can quickly become dangerous or possibly cause permanent damage to your machine if done incorrectly. 

By calling a third-party plumber or technician, you can ensure proper cleaning practices. This should include:

Commercial ice machine cleaning to expect from professionals

  • Step 1: Bringing the proper supplies. This might include a large bucket, disinfecting wipes or spray and paper towels or cleaning rags. 
  • Step 2: Turning off the machine and dispensing all stored ice. 
  • Step 3: Disconnecting the machine from the power outlet for 24 hours to melt any remaining ice.
  • Step 4: After this 24-hour period, reconnecting the power and turning on the water supply.
  • Step 5: Dispensing all ice made within the first 15 to 20 minutes and flushing water through the machine by dispensing water for about a minute. 
  • Step 6: Wiping the surface of your machine with the proper supplies — keep in mind your third-party plumber or technician should pay close attention to the dispensing area, nozzle, paddles, and touchscreen. 

Commercial ice maker maintenance and repair from third party technicians

Commercial ice machine cleaning isn’t the only thing you have to think about, your maintenance and repair will be equally important to ensure everything is functioning properly. If you find yourself with a broken ice machine or experience considerable issues at any point, you can call a third-party technician and they will:

  • Inspect your ice machine. 
  • Double-check the quality of any previous cleanings. 
  • Thoroughly investigate all areas.

Once these professionals find the issue, they will be able to handle the problem safely and efficiently. 

Keep in mind that when you own your machine, you run the risk of being reliant on third-party plumbers and technicians for any issues you come across. Because of this, it’s typically recommended to rent your ice dispenser and work with dependable vendors like Quench® — to help your business guarantee that your machine is always in great shape, without the hassle.

Renting your ice dispenser can help you alleviate the burdens of the majority of these ice maker repair, maintenance, and cleaning needs. A service technician will come by twice a year for preventive maintenance, which includes filter changes and sanitization — while also being readily available for professional ice machine repair as it’s needed. And if you choose a local vendor like Quench, you won’t have to wait long for technicians to service your ice machine. In fact, Quench technicians are available to service your machine within 48 hours after your initial service request. 

Finding Ice Machine Maintenance Companies Nearby

When searching for a new ice machine or maintenance company in your area, it’s best to leverage a trusted service provider from the start. Finding these companies means:

  • Choosing the most reliable products.
  • Identifying a skilled service team.
  • Recognizing a responsive customer care team. 

Quench has local water experts located across the country to help you find the best water filtration system for your company. After determining the machine that’s the right fit, you can find the most reliable service near you. With certified Quench technicians at your disposal for machine assistance nationwide, you can receive the maintenance service and repair service you need at any time. Expert technicians combined with a knowledgeable customer care  team, aim to answer questions, solve problems, and arrange prompt service as effectively as possible — anywhere in the country. 

The Benefits of Better Maintenance

With the proper steps for commercial ice machine care and maintenance in place, along with the help of experts in your area, your organization is likely to see a host of benefits as a result. The advantages of taking the best care of your machine include:

  • Improving hydration: With great-tasting ice cubes at your disposal, you’re likely to see higher levels of hydration throughout your workforce. According to a report from LinkedIn, as your employees increase their water intake, your organization can expect to see higher energy levels and boosted brain function — which is a boon to your overall productivity. 
  • Eliminating the presence of mold and bacteria: Ice machines are great at 2 things: making ice and growing mold. The EPA reports this has a significant impact on health, as bacteria can cause diseases and mold produces allergens and irritants that can heavily impact your workforce. However, with better cleaning, maintenance, and repair practices in place, you can – eliminate harmful levels of mold and bacteria from your dispensers. 
  • Elevating ice quality: A simple benefit that a well-maintained ice maker can make a big difference is by improving your overall ice quality. This is an effective way to ensure your employees and customers are drinking enough water throughout the day, which inevitably leads to better business results. 
  • Supporting employee wellness: By eliminating mold and contaminants that might be found in a commercial ice machine, you’re ensuring the wellness of your employees, guests, and customers is a priority. This is advantageous to boost morale, increase retention, improve productivity and, most importantly, reduce absenteeism. 
  • Upgrading the customer experience: A well-kept ice maker is also helpful to keep your customers happy. While a seemingly simple amenity for customers and guests, a refreshing glass of water with clean and fresh ice cubes can quickly upgrade their experience — leaving them with positive feelings about your organization. 

Upgrade Your Service, Maintenance, and Repair With Quench

With Quench, you can streamline your ice maker procurement process and upgrade your service, maintenance, and repair all at once. Explore a wide range of commercial ice machines with advanced filtration and purification technologies to elevate your workplace water supply. These ice dispensers are meant to suit your capacity needs, and you can try our product finder to identify the machine that’s the best fit for your business. 

When it comes to care and maintenance, working with a reliable service provider like Quench can help you take the hard work off of your people — for the best results. Renting a commercial ice machine includes help from professional technicians who will service your machine twice a year, to ensure it’s in top condition. Moreover, our responsive service and customer care team are available if you run into any issues along the way. With little effort on the part of your business, you can employ an advanced solution for great-tasting ice, and rest assured your ice maker is properly maintained year-round. 

If you’re ready for an advanced solution and dependable service from our professional technicians and local water experts, get a free quote to get started.