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How to Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles in the Workplace

A woman standing in a office building

Plastic pollution is an ever-increasing global issue and one of the world’s key environmental challenges. As we become more educated about the plastic pollution problem, corporations to individuals try harder to come up with a solution. Recycling has been the go-to answer. However, less than 30 percent of plastic bottles purchased in the U.S. are […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Top-Notch Employee Break Room

two guys playing foosball

This blog was last updated on February 14, 2023. Employee break rooms are an important part of any business. Dedicating an area in the workplace for team members to revive their energy isn’t just good for the staff, it’s also great for the company — and, most likely, your long-term productivity and business results. Aside […] Continue Reading

The Break Room of Now

A futuristic breakroom

The year is 2002: In a dimly-lit, cluttered room with tattered, unsupportive chairs and a lone, wobbly table; an employee gets a drink from the 5-gallon water cooler and scuttles back to their cubicle with their microwaved lunch. Fast forward to today, companies tour their well-lit, open spaces with plush sofas and copious snacks and […] Continue Reading

What’s Next for Quench: A Letter from Our CEO

Tony Ibarguen, Quench CEO, bio headshot

Quench and AquaVenture Holdings’ mission of providing sustainable, clean drinking water to people around the world is driven by two big challenges: Unprecedented problems from plastic pollution, natural resource depletion, and climate change, and Increasing awareness of the dangers of putting unhealthy contaminants and chemicals into our bodies. We applaud consumer products companies for working […] Continue Reading

Reusable Plastic Water Bottles in the Workplace — A Refreshing Change in Water Bottle Culture

A woman drinking out of a reusable water bottle

This article was last updated on 8/3/2022 It’s no secret that single-use plastic water bottles are major contributors to the global pollution problem, but it’s critical to understand just how significant this issue is becoming. According to the UN Environment Programme, not only are one million plastic drinking bottles purchased every minute, but half of […] Continue Reading

Benefits of Deionized Water for Your Dental Office

Woman wearing mask in dental office

Last updated: 10/20/20 Dental practices need a reliable source of clean, filtered water for delivering great care. Improperly treated water running through dental unit waterlines could put your dental units at risk of developing harmful bacteria, which could spell trouble for patients. To avoid a build-up of harmful microorganisms and to keep doctor’s patients as […] Continue Reading

Drinking Water Fountains: The New Phone Booth

A traditional drinking water fountain

Drinking fountain, water fountain, or bubbler – public access to drinking water was once a revered feature of public life, now they are fading from America’s parks, schools, and stadiums. Jim Salzman, author of Drinking Water: A History, says they’re “going the way of pay phones.” Even the International Plumbing Code, which is followed by […] Continue Reading