What’s Next for Quench: A Letter from Our CEO

Tony Ibarguen, Quench CEO, bio headshot

Quench and AquaVenture Holdings’ mission of providing sustainable, clean drinking water to people around the world is driven by two big challenges:

  • Unprecedented problems from plastic pollution, natural resource depletion, and climate change, and
  • Increasing awareness of the dangers of putting unhealthy contaminants and chemicals into our bodies.

We applaud consumer products companies for working on less environmentally-damaging packaging to replace their plastic bottles, but with the increasing use of reusable water bottles we would suggest that our point-of-use bottleless filtration solutions are already way ahead of them. After all, a standard Quench bottleless water cooler replaces the equivalent of about 70,000 single-use plastic water bottles over the lifetime of a customer, not to mention the elimination of the carbon footprint of the manufacturing and delivery of bottles. 

Have you noticed how supermarkets are shifting shelf space away from unhealthy sugary drinks and replacing them with filtered water-based products? It is clear that consumer products companies are responding to consumer demand for healthier beverages by shifting their marketing muscle towards nutrient-enriched filtered water to replace lost revenue from the decline of unhealthy carbonated sugary soft drinks.  

It is with that backdrop that we are excited to introduce quenchWATER+, an innovative solution that delivers electrolyte-infused alkaline water right out of our bottleless coolers. quenchWATER+ is a pure, pH-balanced, electrolyte water with an exclusive blend of minerals and alkalinity for optimum hydration and amazing taste. At Quench, for over 20 years we have helped businesses meet their wellness and sustainability goals, and the addition of quenchWATER+ to our suite of products and services further enhances our customer value proposition. 

The ability to now get consistently high-quality electrolyte water from one of our bottleless filtered water coolers anywhere across the U.S. and Canada, means even fewer plastic bottles in our environment while bringing the best possible drinking water to our customers.

We hope that quenchWATER+ becomes a staple of your healthy, sustainable, and vibrant workplace, just as it has at Quench. Cheers!

Tony Ibarguen
Quench CEO