Flavored Water Dispensers — Introduce Eco-Friendly Sparkling Water for Office Change

Flavored Water Dispenser

If you’re looking for a way to add a little flavor and sparkle to your office environment, you might want to consider a flavored water dispenser that dispenses both flavored and sparkling water. Offering high-quality and refreshing sparkling water to your workforce can help them take a step back from their job and enjoy a well-deserved break — but the benefits don’t end there. Read on to learn more about what a flavored and sparkling water  dispenser can do for your business.

Considering a Flavored Water Dispenser

Providing drinking water in the workplace is beneficial to reduce absenteeism and decrease stress levels in your workforce, according to Open Sourced Workplace. However, sometimes the appeal of regular water isn’t enough to get employees out of their seats and on their way to hydration. Luckily, a flavored water dispenser can give “water cooler talk” a whole new meaning.

Sparkling water is not only a tasty temptation to keep your workforce up and moving, but it also supports employee satisfaction and serves as a great alternative to soda and other soft drinks. If you’re concerned about losing the hydration and health benefits of regular drinking water, there’s no need to worry. Sparkling water is just as hydrating and it’s certainly a healthier substitute for soft drinks employees tend to revert to when in need of something different. A flavored water dispenser is a great option to enhance your water and make taking a break a bit more fun. 

The Eco-Friendly Alternative of Sparkling Water Dispensers

One of the main benefits of a flavored water dispenser is its eco-friendly nature. Organizations are progressively focusing on their environmental impact, and, now more than ever, it’s a good time to follow suit

Drinking water solutions and alternative options of the past often entailed the delivery of 5-gallon plastic water jugs and an abundance of soda cans in the break room. However, these plastic bottles and aluminum cans are not only an inefficient use of space, they’re also a detriment to the environment. Moreover, delivery services add to this negative impact with a hefty amount of CO2 emissions. Between extraction, manufacturing, transportation and disposal, a single plastic 5-gallon jug is likely to be responsible for the emission of 1.90 pounds of CO2 throughout its existence. While that may not seem significant, these numbers add up fast. 

However, with advanced solutions from Quench®, businesses have a huge opportunity to bring their water solutions into the future and improve their overall environmental impact. A bottleless water cooler for filtered and sparkling options pulls water from your building’s existing water line. This can help you save plastic, carbon emission, and money while providing your workforce with an endless supply of high-quality water. When you consider the true cost your organization and the environment pays for bottled water and aluminum cans, making the switch to bottleless water coolers is hard to say no to. 

Improving Your Business Environment With Alternative Water Options

Along with the environmental advantages sparkling and filtered water has to offer, there is an abundance of excess benefits your business can expect to see as well. 

  • Improves recruitment and retention: Sparkling water can give you an important competitive edge. While a seemingly simple solution, this superior alternative to sugary soda might be the amenity to attract new talent, as well as retain a satisfied workforce long-term. 
  • Promotes hydration in your workforce: Scientists have determined that carbonated water is just as hydrating as regular water. It’s also a tasty way to mitigate your worker’s tendency to revert back to soft drinks as their tasty treat for the day.
  • Increases employee satisfaction: A sparkling water system is a simple way to boost morale in your workforce. Moreover, the added hydration of sparkling and carbonated water is beneficial to maintain satisfaction and productivity long-term. In fact, a report from the NCOA found hydration has a significant impact on energy levels, cognitive performance, stabilizing emotions and combating feelings of anxiety. 
  • Saves space: It’s essential to ensure that your organization’s space and resources are used wisely. A single point-of-use water unit can help you avoid the hefty and space-taking jugs and cans while providing an endless supply of filtered and flavored water.
  • Upgrades the customer experience: Keeping employees happy is an effective way to improve the customer experience. Your workforce is likely to work at their highest potential and their boosted morale gives them the edge they need to ensure your clients are happy. 

Choosing Your Bottleless Water Cooler With Quench

The benefits that sparkling water can provide to your business are hard to ignore, and if you’re ready to add a little flavor into your employees’ lives, Quench can help. With national reach and dependable service, Quench offers an array of advanced and contactless solutions for your office drinking water. 

Try our product finder to get matched with the sparkling water dispenser that’s right for your organization and get a free quote to get started.