4 Key Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

glass of cold water

The value of high-quality drinking water can’t be overstated. However, with so many options for the type and temperature of water to consider, it can be difficult to gauge what option you should choose. If you’ve been looking for the best water supply to support optimal health and greater productivity, we’re taking a closer look at whether it’s better to drink cold water or hot water. Read on to learn more!

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Cold Water?

While both chilled water and warm water don’t pose significant long-term health risks, each temperature offers its own set of advantages. Understanding these health perks and practical benefits of drinking water can assist in selecting the most suitable water supply for your needs going forward.

Increased Feelings of Fullness

Drinking refreshing, ice cold water has been known to increase their feelings of fullness, aid in weight loss, and raise metabolism rates. By helping you feel fuller while improving hydration, you’re more likely to avoid midday soda or consistent snacking — opting for a much healthier and more beneficial alternative. Remember that excessive cold water intake might not suit everyone’s digestive system, so moderation is key. 

Enhanced Energy Levels

Choosing cold water options may give you extra energy throughout the day. How? Studies suggest that ice cold water intake not only mitigates feelings of fatigue but also increases alertness, maximizing your daily energy levels. Embracing the energizing effects of cold water may be just what you need to maximize your physical and mental performance. 

Improved Brain Function

Adequate hydration is essential for optimal brain function, meaning that even when you’re mildly dehydrated, you can experience detrimental health issues. This inevitably hinders your overall efficiency and productivity, negatively altering your concentration, alertness, memory, and more. On the other hand, drinking more water can quickly improve your cognitive function to help you maintain optimal health and focus. 

Regulated Body Temperature

Despite concerns over cold water’s impact on body temperature, water, in general, is highly effective at regulating your core temperature. This may be especially true during physical activity, high ambient temperatures, or fever. Understanding the ideal water temperature for various situations is essential to keeping your body comfortable and maintaining the right balance.

The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Aids Digestion

Staying hydrated supports healthy digestion in general by aiding in waste elimination. Hot water, specifically, is believed to be especially effective in stimulating the digestive system. However, to harness these digestive benefits effectively, it’s important to consume hot water in moderation. 

Improves Circulation

According to research from BlueCross BlueShield, hot water can help support healthier blood flow, improving circulation. Considering blood flow affects everything from blood pressure to a risk of cardiovascular disease, this can be a great way to support your well-being. 

May Decrease Stress Levels

A unique benefit that you can potentially enjoy from hot water is the ability to reduce anxiety and boost feelings of calmness — improving your daily mood and relaxation levels. This may be increasingly important to consider, as a report from the American Institute of Stress found that a staggering 55% of Americans are stressed during the day. 

Ultimately, both hot water and cold water options help prevent dehydration, boosting physical performance and driving productivity. Recognizing the unique benefits of each water temperature is key to determining which option is best suited for your unique needs. Plus, there are innovative water solutions to consider that can give you the best of both worlds. 

Answering a Few Frequently Asked Questions

Considering most adults don’t drink enough water during the day, you need access to a clean, great-tasting water source that drives your water intake. To find the temperature that’s best suited for your needs, explore some of the most commonly asked questions below:

What Are the Risks of Drinking Cold Water?

Although most are aware of the proven benefits of proper hydration, there’s been speculation that drinking cold water has long-term negative effects on your health. For example, some are concerned that drinking ice water contracts your stomach, making it harder to digest food after a meal. Others are under the assumption that consuming ice water makes it more difficult to maintain your core body temperature. Despite these notions, a report from Healthline finds there isn’t much research to support them

The same research found that cold water possibly makes nasal mucus thicker and more difficult to pass through the respiratory tract, according to the results of a small study from 1978. While this may be helpful to keep in mind if you’re trying to treat a cold or flu, it isn’t a substantial worry for healthy individuals. 

Overall, it’s important to recognize that ice water doesn’t pose a significant health risk. In fact, the benefits of consuming cold water are generally the same as those from drinking room temperature water — driving hydration and helping you feel refreshed. 

Are There Concerns About Drinking Hot Water To Keep in Mind?

With the myths of cold water dispelled, you might be wondering if hot water has any negative impacts to consider. If you’re not careful, drinking water that’s too hot can burn your taste buds or even potentially damage the tissue in your esophagus, according to Healthline. However, as long as you’re aware of your water temperature, hot water generally has no harmful or long-term effects on your health. 

Is Cold Water or Hot Water Better for Hydration?

Regardless of temperature, drinking warm water or cold water contributes positively to your overall health. This means the best choice for hydration will likely depend on the situation. You might opt for a cold temperature option if you need a refreshing drink to lower your body temperature or boost your metabolism. On the other hand, hot water will be the ideal choice to support digestion and detoxification. Balancing both temperatures in your hydration routine is the best practice for optimal health benefits. 

When Is It Better To Drink Cold Water Over Hot Water?

Because the best hydration option hinges on specific circumstances, there are a few times when you might want to reach for an ice cold water glass over something warmer. For example, cold water will be preferable for:

  • Rehydrating in hot weather or after physical exercise.
  • Boosting metabolism and driving energy levels.
  • A quick and refreshing revitalization option. 
  • Settling an upset stomach or easing nausea.
  • Relieving headaches by constricting blood vessels.

Why Consider Cold and Hot Water Dispensing Options?

With the unique benefits of drinking ice water and hot water in mind, the best hydration solutions offer both hot and cold water dispensing options.  A system and trusted water service provider that provides both temperatures ensures you have access to your preferred option on demand — whether it be the revitalizing chill of a cold drink or the soothing warmth of hot water. Meeting both needs is an effective way to promote an overall healthier lifestyle, proving indispensable in workplaces, homes, or public spaces where individual preferences for water temperature vary widely. 

Why Choose Quench to Get The Right Temperature?

If you’ve been looking for a drinking water solution that doesn’t make you choose between offering hot and cold water options, Quench can help. Our advanced suite of bottleless water coolers provides both hot and cold mineral water, so users are free to choose their preferences. These dispensers utilize advanced filtration technology and connect directly to your water line, you can rest assured that your valuable team members have access to an endless supply of water whenever they need it. 

Whether your employees are looking for a crisp glass of cold water on a hot summer day or a comforting cup of warm water when they’re busy at work, a bottleless water cooler from Quench can keep them satisfied. If you’re ready to offer your employees clean, refreshing hot and cold water options, try our product finder to discover the machine that’s the right fit for you. Or, get a free estimate to get started.