How Is Sparkling Water Flavored?

people talking near flavored sparkling water machine

If you’ve been looking for a way to promote hydration at your business, look no further than a sparkling water dispenser. Flavored sparkling water might be the delicious alternative to regular water and sugary sodas that your workplace needs to keep your talent hydrated, engaged and productive throughout the workday. Providing your employees and customers with carbonated beverage options can be more beneficial to your business than it may seem at first glance.

Read on to learn more about how sparkling water is flavored and why you might consider offering great-tasting carbonated drinks to your employees and customers. 

What Is Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure — which is where it gets its carbonation from. Common forms of sparkling water typically include club soda, soda water, tonic water, and seltzer water. The carbonation of these drinks makes them similar to soft drinks, however, these alternatives are much healthier with far fewer calories. 

How exactly is sparkling water flavored?

Adding carbonation to create sparkling water is one thing, but you might be wondering how these drinks get their flavor. Not all sparkling water is flavored, but it can be added. Adding a fruity taste to your bubbly water typically includes the use of artificial sweeteners, such as stevia, aspartame, and sucralose to make it sweet. 

With reliable vendors like Quench, you can employ the use of a Bevi machine that offers flavored water on demand. This high-quality machine gives your team members access to delicious fruit flavors including (but not limited to): 

  • Black Cherry
  • Lime Mint
  • Strawberry Lemongrass
  • Grapefruit
  • Key Lime
  • Watermelon

Considering a Sparkling Water Dispenser for Your Workplace

Giving your employees and customers access to a delicious drink at your place of work is certainly important, but finding ways to keep them properly hydrated is a priority. Adequate hydration can significantly impact how your workforce performs, and, as a result, how your business operates. If plain water hasn’t been doing enough to drive hydration, then it might be time to consider an alternative.

While flavored carbonated water can go a long way toward supporting hydration, it can also be a beneficial way to help your employees avoid soda throughout the day. Soda is filled with sugar, which can be detrimental to energy levels and overall health. Introducing a healthier alternative to soft drinks can encourage your teams to consider great-tasting water as their midday pick-me-up instead. 

The Health and Organizational Benefits You Can Expect To See

Introducing delicious drinking water options to your organization can even provide your business with valuable benefits. The main advantages of a sparkling water dispenser consist of: 

Health benefits

  • Weight loss: Staying hydrated is a key element in maintaining a healthy weight, and flavored seltzer water is an effective way to drive hydration throughout your workplace. Moreover, as your employees and customers begin to ditch the midday soda for something healthier, they can lose a pound every 3 and a half weeks by cutting out these sugary drinks, per an article from Vista Health Solutions.
  • Improved digestion: Carbonated water can aid digestion by improving swallowing ability and reducing indigestion and constipation. This flavored water is a great way to ensure your employees feel their best and are, therefore, able to perform at their highest ability.
  • Increased hydration: If your workforce or customers struggle with drinking plain water, then sparkling water with added flavor might be the solution to promoting hydration. Carbonated water is as healthy and hydrating as regular water, but the extra flavor might be the appeal needed to keep your best people drinking water throughout the day. 

Organizational benefits as a result

The health benefits that flavored sparkling water provides are likely to bring a host of organizational benefits as well. The main advantages you can expect to see as a result of improved health and increased hydration include:

  • Reduced absenteeism: Proper hydration is a necessity to keep your employees feeling their best, which can go a long way towards reducing your absenteeism. With improved health, your workforce is less likely to miss work without an adequate reason.
  • Increased energy throughout the day: According to a report from Healthline, mild dehydration, or fluid loss of 1% to 3%, can impair energy levels and mood, as well as lead to major reductions in memory and brain performance. As hydration increases, your employees will see much higher levels of energy throughout the day — especially as they start to leave soda behind for a healthier alternative. 
  • Improved productivity: As flavored seltzer water drives hydration, your workforce will likely experience reduced fatigue, improved cognitive function, and sharper focus during the day. This is a boon to your long-term productivity and operational efficiency. 

Sparkling water might be the solution your workplace needs to stave off dehydration and drive better business results. 

Procuring Your Sparkling Water Dispenser With Quench

If you’ve been looking for ways to promote hydration throughout your workforce, then a flavored carbonated water dispenser might be the solution your business needs. With Quench, you can explore a wide variety of sparkling water machines to give your employees and customers the pick-me-up they deserve. Our filtration technologies and installation systems aim to provide your best people with a virtually endless supply of clean carbonated water. 

If it’s flavor you want, we’ve got you covered. Quench offers the Bevi 2.0 and the Bevi Countertop, which provide no- or low-calorie flavor options as a healthy substitute for sugary soda — while keeping your workforce properly hydrated along the way. 

Explore the Bevi Standup 2.0 or the Bevi Countertop flavored water machines and all of our sparkling water dispensers to find the dispenser that’s the right fit for your business. If you’re ready to start offering your guests refreshing sparkling water, get a free quote today.