How Does a Water Dispenser Work? Considering a Bottleless Cooler for Your Workplace

q12 water cooler in office

If you’re considering ditching plastic bottled water, 5-gallon water jug dispensers, or other water systems and want to learn more about Quench’s bottleless water cooler options, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to better understand what type of water cooler dispenser may work best for you and your workplace.

Making the Switch to a Bottleless Water Cooler

Although people still use hefty 5-gallon jugs, they’re becoming a thing of the past. The quality of water that you’re drinking is vital to your health and well-being, and where you’re getting your water from contributes to the sanitation level of your H2O. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) says the safest water to drink is dependent on water quality, sanitation, and hygiene levels. If your 5-gallon water jugs aren’t being regularly cleaned, they could pose a threat to your health.

To avoid unsafe drinking water, a Quench water dispenser offers any workplace an unlimited supply of filtered, safe drinking water by using your existing water line. Users can place a cup or water bottle beneath the faucet, then push a lever or button or activate the touchless water dispenser to fill their glass. All dispensers include a refrigerator mechanism that cools your drinking water supply to a cold or ice-cold temperature before delivery.

Depending on the model suited to your workplace, the water temperature can range from:tuch

  • Cold water (default setting 41°F)
  • Ambient water (room temperature)
  • Hot water (default setting 189° F; other options 167°F or 199.4°F)
  • Extra hot water (default setting 203°F; other options 176°F or 189°F

There’s nothing like an ice-cold glass of tasteful and clean water during your work day. Let’s take a closer look at the other possible benefits you could receive from purchasing a Quench product.

Everything You Need to Know About a Water Dispenser From Quench

At Quench, we only offer high-standard dispensers. Each model comes with NSF-certified filters and is built to protect the environment. Prove your commitment to sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of your workspace water consumption, saving up to 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity, conserving 6 million gallons of fuel, and keeping 70 million pounds of plastic waste out of landfills.

The way that your Quench water dispenser can reduce water consumption is through the cooler’s ability to use and filter through your workplace’s existing tap water supply. Reduce plastic water bottle usage and unsanitary water jugs by hydrating your staff with a water cooler that positively impacts the planet.

Even more, our water dispensers curate highly filtered drinking water that can keep your entire team safer.

How Does a Water Dispenser Filter Water?

Our bottleless water coolers run the water supply through our quenchWATER+ 5-filter setup filtration process that uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove sediments, contaminants, and bad tastes while adding minerals and electrolytes to create the best alkaline water for optimum hydration. Here’s how our filtration process works:

  1. The sediment filter removes bigger particles and dissolved solids — anything that’s about the size of a piece of sand.
  2. The pre-carbon filter uses activated carbon to take out contaminants that are roughly the size of a spec of flour while attracting and bonding with any positively charged ions in the water to prevent chemical compounds like chlorine from coming through.
  3. Reverse osmosis filtration uses pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane that removes all particles from the water including salt and fluoride.
  4. The mineral + filter is FDA- and NSF-certified to add essential electrolytes and minerals to the pure reverse osmosis water. The water then absorbs calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and other beneficial minerals.
  5. The polishing filter uses carbon and fine coconut husk fibers to completely purify the water one more time before it is dispensed into your glass.

quenchWATER+ 5-Filter Setup filtration

The end result of this filtration process is delicious, clean, and beneficial water that is ready for you to drink and enjoy. On top of being safe, sustainable, and reliable, they are also very easy to use.

Is It Easy to Use a Water Dispenser?

Our dispensers need little more than for users to press a button or sensor-activate the machine to fill their glass. Water dispensers are designed to suit offices, healthcare facilities, gyms, university campuses, and more. A bottleless water cooler can help declutter a crowded space, removing potential hazards from your workplace.

When you sign up with Quench, you instantly receive expert support from our team. On top of that, you can reach out to our Quench technicians with any technical questions, appliance repair or concerns and they will do everything that they can to help you. We’ll even install and set up your machine for you!

The Benefits of an Elevated Workplace Water Supply

When you invest in safe drinking water for your office, you avoid the risks associated with drinking from the tap. In the most extreme cases, contaminated water and poor sanitation can transmit diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio, according to the World Health Organization. But, in less serious instances, unclean drinking water can cause discomfort and decrease productivity in your workplace.

By purchasing a Quench water cooler, you’re investing in the safety of your business and putting your employees’ health first. You’re also saving them time and energy by having easy and accessible water right in the office.

Whether you rent a water dispenser, ice machine, sparkling water dispenser, or coffee brewer, you can expect consistently great taste every time you release the tap. Furthermore, by offering a supply of drinking water, you can help your employees choose an alternative to fruit juices, cordials, and fizzy drinks.

Finding a Cooler That Fits Your Unique Business Needs

Find a Quench dispenser machine that adds a touch of luxury to your workspace based on your specific needs. We offer an advanced suite of bottleless water cooler options for your team to choose from, including:

Quench Q4

q4 water cooler in cafeteria

Offers touchless dispensing, reverse osmosis filtration, hot and cold mineral-infused quenchWATER+, LED UV and antimicrobial surface protection, and is best for small offices and low-traffic areas.

Quench Q8

q8 water cooler in office

Offers touchless dispensing, a countertop machine option, reverse osmosis filtration, hot and cold mineral-infused quenchWATER+, LED UV and antimicrobial surface protection, and is best for medium-sized offices and break rooms.

Quench Q12

q12 water cooler in office

Offers touchless dispensing, reverse osmosis filtration, hot and cold mineral-infused quenchWATER+, ambient water option, LED UV and antimicrobial surface protection, and is best for distribution facilities and high-traffic areas.

Whether you work in a small office or a large corporation, there’s a Quench water dispenser that can deliver proper hydration with a delicious taste to boot.

If you’re ready to level up your drinking water, then contact Quench today to receive tasteful, clean H2O for your workplace.