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Quench 980-12/985-12

Quench 980, a high-capacity bottleless water cooler and ice maker, provides filtered drinking water and chewable Chewblet® ice for the office.


Quench 980-90

Quench 980-90, a commercial bottleless water cooler and ice maker, provides filtered drinking water and chewable ice for the workplace.


Quench 980-25/985-25

Quench 980-25, a bottleless water cooler and ice maker, provides filtered drinking water and chewable ice for the workplace. Learn more!


Quench 980-50/985-50

The Quench 980-50 provides filtered drinking water and chewable nugget ice for the office. Contact Quench to rent an ice maker today!


Your Warehouse Needs More Bottleless Water Coolers! Here's Why

Easy access to drinking water and ice is pivotal in maintaining employee productivity when designing a warehouse for optimal efficiency.


3 Reasons to Rent a Commercial Ice Machine This Summer

Consider renting a commercial ice machine this summer. Ice in your office can set your business apart and offer benefits for your employees.


Can Coronavirus Be Transferred Through Drinking Water?

Plastic water bottles are in high demand, leaving many concerned coronavirus can be transferred through water. Quench Water Experts explain.


Encouraging Teams To Drink More Water at Work — How You Can Help

Look no further for some fun and refreshing ways to encourage employees to drink more water at work.


Different Types of Ice: Why It’s Not as Straightforward as You Think

When investing in a filtered ice machine for your business, it’s important to consider the different types of ice options available. 


Why Does Ice Water Taste So Good?

Scientists have a few theories as to why ice water tastes so good. Discover why humans can’t seem to get enough of the cold stuff.


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Touchless Water Dispenser

Quench offers a variety of touchless water coolers. Find the right touchless dispensing technology for your office or workplace.


Types of Touchless Water Dispensers for Your Business

Quench engineers developed a breadth of touchless water dispensers to ensure your workplace has the right technology at your fingertips.


Comparing Commercial Ice Machines: Price & Features

Take the next steps towards a more brag-worthy workplace. Quench has commercial ice machines sure to get your employees excited.


How Does an Ice Maker Work?

Discover the ins and outs of commercial ice production, the benefits of an ice machine, and how to find the right option for your business.


Why Do Hotels Have Ice Machines? How To Choose the Right Dispenser for Your Hotel

Read on to explore the evolution of ice machines in hotels, tips for choosing the right one, and how Quench redefines guest satisfaction.


ADA Compliance Information Sheet

Did you know that bottle-free water coolers can be ADA compliant? Learn more and download our ADA Compliance Information Sheet today!


Welcome MAGNET Customers

Quench is delighted to be the preferred provider of filtered drinking water dispensers, ice makers, and sparkling water coolers for MAGNET.


Comparison Calculator: The Price We Pay for Bottled Water

A bottleless water cooler can save your business money and save the environment. But don't just take our word for it. Try our cost calculator!


Getting Back to Business After COVID-19

Getting back to the office after temporarily closing for COVID-19? Follow these instructions to prepare your Quench machine for your return.