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Welcome MAGNET Customers

We’re delighted to be the preferred provider of filtered drinking water dispensers, ice makers, and sparkling water coolers for MAGNET Group. As a MAGNET customer, you are eligible for special pricing on all of the Quench products below.

Quench is a leading provider of filtration systems for businesses across the U.S., including over 75% of the Fortune 500 and over 4,500 healthcare locations.

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Water Coolers

A Quench filtered water cooler is like a miniature water purification plant in your office, the good stuff (like minerals) stays in; the bad stuff (like chlorine, lead, phosphates, and bacteria) comes out. Quench filtered water dispensers access your building’s water supply and use advanced purification technologies to provide an endless supply of clean, great-tasting water.

Quench 718
Quench 710
Quench 720
Quench 715
Quench 750
Quench 730
Quench 755
Quench 735
Quench 740
Quench 810

Ice Machines

Need ice? Quench ice machines use the same advanced filtration and purification technologies as our water coolers, to deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice. Quench offers a variety of ice dispensers to suit your capacity needs.

Quench 950
Quench 970
Quench 975
Quench 970-15
Quench 975-15
Quench 980
Quench 985

Specialty Water Coolers

Whether you want to add some bubbles or need ultra-pure process water, Quench offers specialized water filtration products, like space-saving countertop and free-standing water dispensers that provide an endless supply of sparkling, cold, and hot water, or a deionization system that delivers ultra-pure water for dental and medical offices.

Quench 523
Quench 528
Quench 250

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