10 Ways to Stay Hydrated While Working From Home

A woman working from her home office

While employees across the globe hunker down for the next few weeks, the Quench Water Experts want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your immune system functioning at its best during your time indoors. One simple step you can take to bolster your immune system is to increase your water intake. Researchers believe that maintaining body fluid balance can help reduce the risks of certain diseases and infections.

Yet, staying well-hydrated may be a bit trickier these days, especially if you’re used to having access to filtered and sparkling water while you’re at work. Fear not, although a point-of-use (POU) water cooler is ideal, there are other ways to keep your cells happy and healthy while working remotely.

To make sure you are staying hydrated while working from home, follow these 10 tips.

1. Drink the right amount of water for your body.

Every person is different, and each body requires a different amount of water to thrive. Experiment to see exactly how much water you need. According to the University of Pennsylvania, an easy rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half and aim to drink that many ounces of water each day. Refer to our chart below as a guide to help figure out approximately how much water is right for you.  

Weight |  Ounces |  8 oz. Glasses
80 lbs 40 oz. 5
100 lbs 50 oz. 6.25
120 lbs 60 oz. 7.5
140 lbs 70 oz. 8.75
160 lbs 80 oz. 10
180 lbs 90 oz. 11.25
200 lbs 100 oz 12.5
220 lbs 110 oz. 13.75
240 lbs 120 oz. 15
260 lbs 130 oz. 16.25
280 lbs 140 oz. 17.5
300 lbs 150 oz. 18.75
330 lbs 160 oz. 20

2. Keep a water bottle by your side throughout the day.

Grab ahold of your favorite reusable water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. Keep it by your nightstand, leave it on your desk, place it on the ground next to you during those intense Beachbody® or Peleton workouts. If you have a full water bottle by your side throughout the day, you’re more likely to stay hydrated.

3. Set alarms to remind yourself to take a few sips.

One good thing about being in the house all day is that you’re never too far from the fridge. Set an alarm to go off once every couple of hours. This will give you a chance to fill your water bottle, stretch your legs, and give your eyes a quick break from the screen.

4. Avoid food and beverages that dehydrate.

It may seem counterintuitive, but certain drinks and foods can dehydrate your cells even more. Coffee, alcohol, and salty foods all have dehydrating effects. It might be tempting to snack on something salty while you’re binging your favorite Netflix® show. All those substances are fine in moderation. However, if you do plan on indulging a bit, be sure to rehydrate afterwards.

5. Add a bit of flavor.

Squeezing a little fruit juice in your filtered water can turn a boring obligation into a refreshing break. Treat yourself to a splash of lemon or lime. Just a spritz of your favorite fruit can help the water taste better so you’ll drink more of it. Want more ideas on how to add pizzazz to your water? Click here for 6 tips to upgrade your water and crush your hydration goals.

6. Eat oatmeal for breakfast.

Here’s a hydrating hack that might surprise you: Eating one bowl of oatmeal is equivalent to drinking about one cup of water. When oats cook, they absorb the water or milk they’re paired with. That water or milk is then available for your hydrating pleasure. Another positive note, if oats are sealed in a container, they can last one to two years. That means fewer trips to the grocery store!

7. Bring on the milk.

Here’s another way to add more flavor and nutrition to your hydrating regimen. A study by McMaster University found that milk can be more refreshing than water or sports drinks. It’s filled with protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and electrolytes to help keep you energized.

8. Eat more soup.

Broth is made of mostly water. It’s likely you won’t even realize you’re hydrating when slurping down some tasty chicken noodle soup. However, due to the high-sodium content, you’ll want to partner this meal with a tall glass of water.

9. Put your Magic Bullet® to work.

Satisfy your ice cream cravings with a refreshing smoothie. Between all the yogurt and fruit, smoothies are a tasty and nutritious way to stay hydrated. Plus, you can freeze your fruit and have enough on-hand to make delicious smoothies for weeks on end.

10. Try a frozen popsicles.

If you’re freezing fruit for your smoothies, you may as well make some popsicles while you’re at it. Have fun with it! Throw water-filled fruits like watermelons and strawberries into a popsicle mold and let it freeze for about an hour. The result: a sweet, hydrating treat.

Stay hydrated out there.

Make the most of your time at home by taking care of your health. Simply increasing your water intake can significantly improve your immune system and help fend off dangerous germs. And, who knows, if you follow the tips listed above, you may even have some fun!

About Quench Water Experts:
Our mission is to keep people healthy and hydrated in the workplace. Quench remains dedicated to your well-being even as individuals across our country are asked to stay home. Quench is your go-to source for point-of-use (POU) office water coolers. When you return to work, you can rest assured the Quench Water Experts will be there to supply you with the filtered, great-tasting water you love.