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Bottleless Water Dispensers With an Ice Maker

Filtered cold water solutions for workplaces.

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Our Selection of Water Coolers With Ice Makers for Your Workplace

Dispense varying temperatures of water, plus tulip or chewable ice.

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Freestanding Ice Machine With Water – 8.8 lb. storage
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Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water – 7 lb. storage
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Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water – 16 lb. storage
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Undercounter Ice Machine With Water – 7 lb. storage
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Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water - 12 lb. storage
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Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water - 25 lb. storage
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Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water - 50 lb. storage
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Freestanding Ice Machine With Water - 90 lb. storage
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Tell us about your daily ice production and storage capacity needs, along with anything else you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with the right filtered water dispenser and ice machine for your business.
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Why Choose Quench’s Water Dispensers With Ice Makers?

Made to the highest standards, our selection of water dispensers with ice makers can meet the hydration needs of your employees all year round, providing great-tasting, fresh ice, and an endless amount of cleanliness with every dispense for a superior workplace water supply.

Ice and Water Options
Designed to dispense both ice and water from one machine when you need it, a unit from Quench connects directly to your building’s existing water line to ensure your business can meet the high hydration demands of busy workplaces. In addition to clean ice for a superior workplace water supply, some of our bottleless coolers give you cold, hot, and ambient water to choose from
Advanced Water Filtration
Our ice makers leverage carbon filtration to reduce chemical contaminants, remove sediments and small particles, and eliminate off-tastes and odors from your water source to create clean ice that tastes great, too. Some of our units, such as the Quench 960/965, come with reverse osmosis filtration for premium results.
Keeping Your Workplace Clean
For added workplace safety and security, every Quench ice machine has a touchless add-on — including sensor-activated panels and dual-action foot pedals. Touchless technology ensures both a seamless hydration experience and heightened sanitation for users. Moreover, some Quench commercial ice machines feature LED UVC technology to help maintain the cleanliness of the system even further.
Sleek Design
The sleek and stylish water cooler with ice dispenser design is created as a more space-efficient drinking water system for organizations — helping make the most out of valuable workplace real estate. A water and ice unit from Quench can transform to fit any workspace, with freestanding and countertop models available, depending on your unique business needs.
More Sustainable
Bagged ice and bottled water solutions are not only costly, but inevitably wasteful and bad for the environment. Quench bottleless water coolers and ice machines reduce plastic waste and the pollution of ice and water delivery by filtering your building’s own drinking water using point-of-use filtration. Each year, this equals up to 90% savings in carbon emissions versus bagged ice and bottled water delivery.
Ice Production and Storage Capacity Options
Our advanced line of dispensers provides a variety of daily production and ice storage capabilities depending on the size of your organization or your anticipated number of users.
Everyone is pleased and happy that we now have ice options as well as temperature options for water.
Dawnya S.,
Houston, TX
We've had the Quench USA machines at our office about 9 months. We really like them, especially our water and ice machine!
Laurie B.,
Atlanta, GA
Quench is one of the easiest, quickest, smartest companies I have ever worked with.
Material Assistant,
Blachford RP
Best. Water. Ever. No matter the zip code!
The Pickens Company

Comprehensive Services You Can Rely On

At Quench, we design, manufacture, distribute, install, and service our own water and ice dispensers, so you can enjoy unparalleled product quality and highly responsive, comprehensive services, all under one roof.


Easy Installation

Let us do the hard work for you. Our fully qualified Quench technicians install your workplace water and ice unit, when and where you need it.


Regular Servicing

We visit regularly to sanitize your dispenser and replace filters to ensure trouble-free operation and the highest quality water and ice long-term.


Professional Maintenance

There’s no need to worry. Our responsive service technicians will fix it, should something go wrong.


Nationwide coverage

Our friendly customer service team provides a responsive local service on a national scale to ensure your needs are being met year-round.

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