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    Quench Bottleless Water Coolers

    Filtered water is table stakes. A Quench bottleless water cooler takes on-demand hydration to the next level. Quench bottleless water coolers and ice machines use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies such as carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemical contaminants, and get rid of off-tastes and odors.

    By providing filtered water through a broad array of machines, our bottleless water coolers offer users countless consumption choices, including mineral-infused quenchWATER+, chewable ice, sparkling water, flavored water, and coffee.

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    Bottleless Dispensers Fit for Any Business

    Bottleless Water Coolers Advanced filtration technologies tailored to your local water quality.
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    Need ice? Quench offers a variety of ice dispensers to suit your capacity needs.
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    Sparkling Water Dispensers Get on-demand sparkling water and flavored sparkling water.
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    Quench filtered water is the foundation for fresh, great-tasting coffee.
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    Jennifer Isais, Sales Manager

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      Phoenix Water Quality: Then & Now

      Phoenix, AZ local water quality Vibrant downtown Phoenix, Arizona

      Early settlers of Phoenix knew the importance of proper water management living in a desert landscape. While seasonal rainfall and runoff from mountain snowmelt provided “8 months of heaven,” the undependable summer season would mean “4 months of hell.” To solve the issue, settlers drilled wells to provide 2 million gallons of groundwater per day. These wells often ran dry during the summer. Urban developer, Jack Swilling, found a solution from ancient irrigation canals of the Hohokam Indians. He reconstructed these canals to deliver water from the local Salt River to the city throughout the year.

      To contend with seasonal flooding and droughts, President Theodore Roosevelt’s National Reclamation Act of 1902 authorized the construction of several dams, including the Roosevelt Dam. While the Roosevelt Dam stored enough water for the residents of the Phoenix area, many complained that the water, fed by the Salt River, tasted salty. Phoenix turned to a source of surface water fed from pure snowmelt and rainwater. The Verde River met these qualifications and construction began on a 30-mile redwood pipeline from the Verde River to Phoenix. Within 10 years, a concrete pipeline and a 20-million-gallon reservoir were built to replace the redwood pipeline along with the construction of several dams and reservoirs. In 1968, the Central Arizona Project was enacted to bring water from the Colorado River to Phoenix.

      Today, Phoenix’s water supply comes from 3 surface water sources: Theodore Roosevelt Lake, the Verde River, and the Colorado River. One of 5 treatment plants disinfects water with chlorine before delivering it to consumers. According to the  Phoenix Water Quality report, water that passes through treatment systems may still contain small amounts of microbial, inorganic, chemical, and radioactive contaminants. In addition, algae that grow in the canals during the late summer and fall can cause a “musty” odor and taste in Phoenix tap water.

      The desert topography produces higher levels of sediment and minerals, like calcium, magnesium, arsenic, and chromium in drinking water. These elevated mineral levels can lead to corrosion of the copper piping, lead solder, or brass fixtures of service lines, leading to elevated copper and lead in the Phoenix tap water. Many residents install reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems to reduce total dissolved solids and mineral content in their water.

      Quench Water Coolers –
      A Better Drinking Water System for Phoenix

      Worried about the elevated sediment and mineral levels in your local Phoenix drinking water? We are too, and that’s why we’re here to help. Quench offers a full complement of water filtration and sanitization technologies to remove sediment, reduce chemical contaminants, and get rid of off-tastes and odors. Depending on your local water quality, your Quench Water Expert may recommend our NSF-certified carbon filtration, which works great for water with TDS (total dissolved solids) levels under 250 ppm (parts per million) or our NSF-certified RO filtration, which is the gold standard for water with TDS levels over 250 ppm. By creating a customized water filtration solution and tailoring your installation and service needs for your business, we can guarantee that Quench office water coolers produce crisp, clean, great-tasting water – and at a fraction of the price of bottled water delivery services. Go bottle free with Quench and you will save time, money, and the environment, plus you will have better tasting and safer drinking water!

      Quench Proudly Serves More Than 60,000 Customers Nationwide

      Quench USA Inc.
      I want to thank the team at Quench for the quick, professional installation of our new water system. You and your installation team made the process very simple and timely from start to finish. I highly recommend your product as an alternative to water bottles!

      Nationwide Service with Local Presence

      Quench’s dedicated customer team stands behind every installation. You’ll always find a well-trained, friendly human at the other end of the phone, and all service is performed by insured, certified Quench-badged technicians. Our customer service promise includes proactive preventive maintenance, filter changes, and all service and support. We worry about your drinking water, so you don’t have to.

      Proudly providing businesses with clean, filtered drinking water in the greater Phoenix Metro Area and the surroundings counties.


      Quench Filtration Solutions

      For over 20 years, Quench has focused exclusively on providing businesses with the highest quality filtered water. This commitment to doing one thing well has made us the trusted water authority for over 75% of the Fortune 500. We offer the best bottleless water coolers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and coffee brewers to fit any workplace. No matter your location, company size, or industry, we have a filtered water solution that is right for you!

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      Employees and visitors to your workplace expect a seamless transition from their home life to work life. Keeping everyone happy and healthy is keeping them hydrated. Quench has multiple hydration solutions for workplaces and facilities of any size – campuses, professional offices, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and all workplaces in between.

      These hydration solutions include:

      • our bottle free water coolers that provide clean and delicious water
      • our ice machines that produce half cubed, tulip, or chewable nugget ice
      • our sparkling water dispensers that offer healthy options with or without added flavor and
      • our coffee brewers that dispense multi-cup or single cup flavorful coffee.

      For safety and the best tasting water, we offer a full suite of advanced water purification and sanitation technologies, including the amazing new filtration technology that produces quenchWATER+ – our proprietary electrolyte and mineral infused drinking water is designed for the workplace that demands healthy and great tasting water.

      When it comes to cost and service, our bottle free hydration solutions provide most customers with savings of up to 50% versus their previous water delivery. And as for service, we have a national reach and a local presence. We can take care of it all. Our hydration solutions are installed by experts and regularly maintained by Quench-badged technicians at no additional cost to you.

      You’ll have no more concerns about running out, switching out water jugs or finding storage space. And it’s easy doing business with Quench. We are a one stop for all office drinking water needs. We customize hydration solutions for workplaces of all sizes and in any location. To find out more about why small businesses, top hospitals, large cable providers, nationwide distributors, and over half of the fortune 500 organizations across the continent use our solutions, speak to your local Quench representative or visit our website at

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