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UV Filter Water
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With a UV filter water dispenser and filtration system in place, you can say goodbye to bottled water and take your tap water to the next level. And, with our Firewall UVC system and antimicrobial surface protection, you can ensure you’re supporting the well-being of your users year-round.

Here’s how Quench’s Firewall UV system works:

Bacteria Can Come From Anywhere
Unprotected pipes and the spread of germs expose your workplace water supply to the risk of being infected by viruses and bacteria.
UVC Light is Used to Help Clean Water
Firewall technology exposes water from your building’s water line to UVC radiation as it flows down and then up through the unique double-helix spiral.
Unique Design Cleans Up Until Dispensed
Firewall’s intense UVC light limits germs from entering the system and cleans the nozzle to prevent cross-contamination between users.
The Result
Clean, delicious water from an advanced filtration system with an extra layer of protection from UV light. This on-demand water supply is not only safe but delicious to drink.

Quench Q6

Great for small breakrooms, offices, and waiting areas, the Quench Q6 offers clean, great-tasting hot and cold drinking water.

Quench Q9

The Quench Q9 has enough cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot filtered water on-demand for any office, commercial space, or high-traffic area.

Quench Q10

This stylish water cooler provides cold, ambient, hot, or extra hot water on-demand as well as chilled sparkling water to satisfy any hydration request in the office.

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