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Important Information for Our Customers Affected by Hurricanes/Flooding/Freezing

If your business has been impacted by hurricanes, flooding, or freezing pipes, Quench Customer Care will help you “get back to normal.” Two of the most common questions our customers have:

Q: My local authorities have issued a “boil water” advisory.  Can I still use my water cooler?

A: PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES’ INSTRUCTIONS FOR WATER USE! Do not use your Quench water cooler during the period of the advisory.  Please unplug the unit from its electrical source during the water emergency. 

Once your local authorities have declared it safe to use the water from the municipal system, carefully follow their instructions for flushing your pipes of any standing water. Even if you believe that no contaminated water has passed through your Quench water cooler or the water lines leading to it, we recommend that you flush your cooler (as a precaution) as follows:

1.) Flush one gallon of water from the hot tank.

2.) Flush two gallons of cold water (unless you have a Quench 800/Quench 810, in which case you’ll need to flush five gallons).

3.) Flush two gallons of room temperature (ambient) water if that is a feature on your water cooler.

If you believe that contaminated water may have passed through your Quench water cooler, please contact us immediately to have your filters changed and your tank sanitized. This type of service is performed each year as part of your rental contract. If your unit was due for its annual preventive maintenance shortly, we will perform this service at no additional charge. Otherwise, we would be happy to perform the preventive maintenance at a discounted rate.

Q:  My Quench water cooler is in a building that was flooded, and now is not working.  Can it be fixed?  What if it needs to be replaced?

A: Prior to sending a technician to inspect your unit, we’d like to discuss your situation.  Please contact our Customer Care team at 888-554-2782, via email at quenchservice@quenchonline.com, or by clicking on this contact us form.

As ever, our Customer Care team is standing by should you have any questions regarding these or any other issues related to your Quench water cooler. We are eager to see you back to “business as usual” with an endless supply of great-tasting water!

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