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Quench for Spas and Salons

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Quench for Spas and Salons
Pamper your guests with endless refills of water, ice & coffee! Watch our video to learn how Quench can enhance your spa or salon.

Spas, salons, barbershops, beauty shops, and everything in between are places where health, beauty, and wellness are the top priority. Your business needs amenities that allow your clients to feel the best version of themselves – and stay hydrated.

Quench’s diverse range of machines offers mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced filtered drinking water on-demand for your spa or salon. That can help your business promote the highest form of self-care for your patrons.

Many Spas and Salons have already recognized the benefits and switched to Quench for their business.

Add to your client experience with a solution that allows clients to:

  • Replenish and rehydrate after massages with Quench’s on-demand filtered water and chewable ice.
  • Unwind with choices of sparkling water dispensers with or without added flavor.
  • Recharge with freshly brewed tea or coffee with Quench’s coffee brewers.

Some of your services require deionized water for efficacy or sanitization. Quench’s deionization system offers the ultimate water purification process for steam sterilizers and rinsing agents.

In addition, only Quench offers mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced filtered drinking water with quenchWATER+. We offer a diverse variety of machines with a never-ending supply of filtered water, sparkling and flavored water, chewable ice, and premium coffee essential for all spas and salons, whether to promote patrons’ health and wellness or keep busy staff properly hydrated.

Perfect for Spas, Salons, Barbershops, Beauty Shops, Lash Studios, Nail Salons and more.

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