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Quench 960-16 Product Showcase Video

Quench 960-16 countertop featured video image
Quench 960-16 Product Showcase Video
Check out this video of the Quench 960-16/965-16 ice and water dispenser! Quench 960-16 produces 165 lb. of chewable nugget ice daily.

In this video, we’ll take a quick tour of our high capacity water and ice dispenser with hot water – the exciting Quench 960-16.

The Quench 960-16 produces an impressive 165 lb. of high-quality chewable nugget ice daily, with onboard storage for up to 16 lb. of ice. At the same time, it provides an abundant supply of freshly filtered ambient and hot drinking water. A complete range of state of the art features, freestanding and countertop versions, and high-end design make the  Quench 960-16 an attractive addition to any workplace location – break room, kitchen, or hallway. This model is designed for hospitals, clubs, education establishments, and large workplaces, where higher volumes require higher performance.

The Quench 960-16 is available as a compact space-saving countertop model, the Quench 965-16 that fits under most cabinets.

Let’s look at some of the 960’s state-of-the-art features in more detail:

  • One key advantage of the Quench 960-16 is that we maintain and take care of it for you.
  • Hygiene is more important now than ever, advanced surface protection keeps the Quench 960-16’s surface clean and hygienic no matter how many users you have.
  • The 960-16 also has optional dual pedal dispensing and a hot water safety feature.
  • And it offers peace of mind with in-tank UV to maintain water cleanliness.

The 960-16 is easy to use and hygienic, especially in shared spaces. And when it comes to performance, the Quench 960-16 is outstanding:

  • Quench’s advanced water filtration produces great-tasting water and ice
  • and features an air filter and ice chute door to maintain sanitary ice dispensing, eliminating bacteria growth worries.
  • With up to 165 lbs. of chewable compressed nugget ice per day, and on-board storage for up to 16 lbs. of ice – there’s plenty of ice for the whole office, even those ice munchers.

With a single dispensing spout for ambient and hot drinking water, the Quench 960-16 is three machines in one:

  • An ice dispenser with all-day ice for everyone.
  • A hot water dispenser that keeps your tea drinkers happy.
  • And an ambient water supply that’s perfect for hydrating your entire office.

With optional drainless technology for easy and practical installation and leak detection technology to keep spills and mess to a minimum, the Quench 960-16 offers peace of mind. The large 11″ dispense height is perfect for large mugs and glasses. At 51.5 in. high, the freestanding model is the perfect height for easy “no-bend” dispensing. Its small 14.1i in. by 23.75 in. footprint lets you fit it almost anywhere that there’s power and water source nearby.

The Quench 960-16 is available as both a compact freestanding model and as the Quench 965-16, a countertop model. Click here to order your Quench 960-16 today.

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