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Quench Introduces Water Coolers with On-Demand Chilling™

July 18, 2013

King of Prussia, PA (July 18, 2013) – Quench, the largest independent provider of filtered water coolers and ice dispensers in North America, has announced the launch of two new bottleless water coolers, the Quench 550 and Quench 548. The 5 Series machines are equipped with On-Demand Chilling™ technology and provide an endless supply of cold drinking water, eliminating the need for a storage tank and related tank sanitization technology.  The Quench 550 also dispenses hot water and comes with a hot water safety lock.
“We are thrilled to be the first and only company in the U.S. to offer On-Demand Chilling™ technology,” said Todd Peterson, Quench Chief Operating Officer. “The 5 Series is indicative of our commitment to innovation and providing the most advanced technology to our customers.”
The Quench 5 Series machines feature state-of-the-art filtration technology, push-button dispensing, recessed spigots and automatic leak detection, as well as a sleek, contemporary design that makes them a sophisticated addition to a break room, lunchroom or reception area.  Like all other systems in the Quench product line, the 5 Series is a cost-effective and healthy alternative to bottled water, saving customers the hassle of storing and lifting bottled water jugs, and eliminating the environmental impact of using plastic bottles.

About Quench

Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Quench USA is a water technology company that designs, installs, leases, and services filtered water coolers (also known as “point-of-use” or “bottleless” water coolers) and ice dispensers. Quench is the largest independent provider in North America, serving more than 25,000 customers, including over 75% of the Fortune 500. Quench systems purify tap water using state-of-the-art technology, providing a more cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solution than delivery of water in 5-gallon plastic jugs.

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