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[Infographic] Energizing America: Coffee Brewing Innovations over the Course of U.S. History

Infographic - Energizing America: Coffee Brewing Innovations over the Course of U.S. History

Drinking coffee has been a patriotic duty since our forefathers threw tea into the Boston Harbor. Explore coffee brewing innovations from the American Revolution to today’s artisanal coffee brewed with filtered water with our infographic below:

Energizing America: Coffee Brewing Innovations over the Course of U.S. History Infographic Details

1773 – Patriotic Duty to Drink Coffee!
After the Sons of Liberty poured several tons of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act, drinking coffee became the patriotic duty of American colonists.

(Image caption) The city tavern, AKA the Merchants’ Coffee House (The first place the Declaration of Independence was read), located in Philadelphia.

1812 – “Coffee Boiled is Coffee Spoiled”
Sir Benjamin Thompson invented the percolating coffee pot – allowing coffee makers to set it, forget it, and create an infinitely bad cup of coffee.

1861- 1865 – “Nobody can ‘Soldier’ without Coffee”
Coffee is the most mentioned word in Civil War soldiers’ diaries, often mentioned as the last comfort before battle and the first sign of safety. There is even a monument dedicated to future President William McKinley for bravely serving coffee to soldiers during the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest, single-day battle in American History!
Inset: How to Make Coffee as a Civil War Soldier
1. If a Union soldier, roast over an open flame your green coffee beans from your rations. If a Confederate soldier, roast your acorns with the green coffee beans from your care package.
2. Once roasted, grind coffee beans/acorns using a large stick – the butt of your musket works well!
3. Add the grounds to boiling water in your mucket. Remove from flame.
4. Immediately add cold water to settle the grounds to the bottom.
5. Try to enjoy!

1920s – The Rise of the Roasted Blend
Coffee since the American Revolution was sold as green, unroasted coffee beans which had to be carefully roasted over a skillet to prevent burning a single bean and ruining the batch. With the industrial boom of the roaring 20s, coffee brands, like Arbuckles, Maxwell House, and Eight O’Clock, rose by selling roasted blends of coffee beans to consumers, convincing buyers to trade freshness for consistency and convenience.

1946 – The Greatest Generation of Coffee Drinkers
Coffee was the first item to be removed from the rationing list during WWII because of America’s love for coffee. In fact in 1946, Americans drank over 46 gallons of coffee per person annually! However this number dropped when the Cola industry convinced the public that caffeine should be fizzy and fun rather than a “serious drink.”

1952 – Coffee is for the Serious Worker
The Pan-American Coffee Bureau launched an ad campaign urging consumers to “Give Yourself a Coffee-Break – and Get What Coffee Gives to You”

1954 – It’s Electric
The Wigomat, invented by Gottlob Widmann, is patented as the first electrical drip brewer – no more bitter, over-extracted coffee! Just like modern coffee makers, water is heated and poured over coffee grounds dripping filtered coffee into a glass container that is kept warm by a ceramic hot plate.

1971 – A Starbucks is Born
Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker opened the first Starbucks in Seattle, WA on March 30, 1971, inspired to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment. In 2014, there were 21,366 Starbucks stores around the world with 11,563 – over half – Starbucks stores in the United States alone!

1990 – 2000s – Catch the Third Wave
Beginning in the early 1990s, coffee moved from a commodity to an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, with improvements at all stages of production. The average coffee drinking has become knowledgeable about coffee bean sourcing, roasting, and brewing, and has a more nuanced palate.

Today It’s all About the Water
We agree with the National Coffee Association – there is no “right” way to roast, grind, or brew a great cup of coffee, but using clean, filtered water is crucial for brewing an aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee. Not only will filtered water help bring out the aromas and flavors in your favorite coffee, it will help keep your brewer clean to ensure a great-tasting cup of coffee every time!
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