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Customer Testimonial – NYC Office Suites

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Customer Testimonial – NYC Office Suites
NYC Office Suites turned to Quench to provide an endless supply of clean, filtered, and fresh water no matter who was renting the space.

“[Quench] Had a Fantastic Solution That Provided Clean, Filtered, Fresh Water to Us”

NYC Office Suites rents office space to organizations on both short and long-term basis. Before turning to Quench, the business used a traditional 5-gallon water jugs delivery service to keep its visitors hydrated. Yet, since it rented out office space, the number of people visiting the NYC Office Suites each month would vary, making it very difficult to predict how much drinking water was needed to hydrate everyone in the building. Eventually, NYC Office Suites found their drinking water solution when it discovered Quench bottleless water coolers.

“[Quench] had a fantastic solution that provided clean, filtered, fresh water to us,” said Dan Entwistle from NYC Office Suites. “We started with one cooler and as the business grew, we continued to take additional coolers from them.”

Quench bottleless water coolers hook up to a building’s existing plumbing system. The coolers then pull tap water from an existing water line and filter that tap water on-site, providing an endless supply of clean, great-tasting drinking water. The endless supply of clean drinking water that Quench bottleless water coolers provided eliminated the need for workers at NYC Office Suites to regularly order and replenish 5-gallon water jugs.

“The nice thing about the Quench coolers is that they’re serviced regularly, so they’re clean and the filtration devices are changed,” explained Entwistle.

In addition to providing advanced filtration, each Quench bottleless water cooler rental unit is automatically scheduled to get serviced at least once a year. Quench-badged technicians perform all service on bottleless water coolers, and whether it’s preventive maintenance, a filter change, or repair, the cost is included in the customer’s one low monthly rental fee.

NYC Office Suites went bottleless, and so can you. If you’re ready to test out Quench bottleless water solutions, fill out a Get a Free Estimate form and we’ll get you started on your seamless hydration journey today.

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