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Customer Testimonial – Feder's Acura

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Customer Testimonial – Feder's Acura
By switching to Quench, Feder's Acura no longer has to worry about having enough plastic water bottles on hand or who will be able to change the bottles.

“The Quench System Has Made My Life So Much Easier”

Feder’s Acura was searching for an easier and more convenient solution for providing water to their employees and customers. By switching to Quench, Office Manager Susan Ulbrich no longer has to worry about storing plastic water bottles, having enough water bottles on hand, or who will be able to change the water bottles.

“The Quench system has made my life so much easier,” said Ulbrich. “I selected Quench, quite honestly, because it seemed like it was going to be very cost-effective and a very easy install.”

Ulbrich also expressed that the taste of the Quench water was much better than the previous bottled water she used to have delivered to her business. Quench prides itself on its great-tasting water. Each Quench water system is equipped with advanced filtration and sanitization features, like an advanced carbon filter or a reverse osmosis filtration system.

All Quench Q-Series machines come with a 5-filter setup, which includes a filter that adds hydrating minerals and electrolytes back into your water after the water has been thoroughly filtered. Those added minerals is what gives the water its delicious, refreshing taste.

“After the install, I’ve had nothing but good comments about how great the Quench water is,” said Ulbrich.

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