The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weirdest water news stories. Come back each Friday for new stories!

  • That is one giant baked potato! A 6-ton potato was hauled on a barge on the Hudson River on its national tour – the massive potato would make 30,325 servings of mashed potatoes and 1.5 million average-sized French fries.
  • Talk about a salty Bridezilla… Contemporary artist Sigalit Landau submerged a traditional Hasidic dress in the Dead Sea to become the Salt Crystal Bride Gown.
  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming – Rylee, a 10-month old Belgian Malinois puppy, fell overboard in Lake Michigan while her owners were driving to the Manitou Islands, but reunited with her owners after swimming 6 miles to shore!