The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weirdest water-related news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Seems like this lobster got bored of its ocean life! TSA agents in Boston discovered a 20-pound live lobster in a passenger’s checked luggage Sunday.
  • Headed to the shore for July 4th? Watch out for sharks! A family enjoying a beach day in Cape May, New Jersey went fishing and actually caught a Hammerhead Shark!
  • That’s a good boy! Jake the Diamond Dog has been traveling all across the Midwest to different minor league baseball stadiums and taking water out to the umps in between innings! Must see video!
  • Take a look at this plastic fortress! A Canadian man in Panama is using old bottles to build homes in the heart of the Caribbean jungle.
  • Did you see King of Prussia’s new geyser!? Thousands of gallons of water shot from a hole in the street for nearly an hour after a water main break right near our Quench office!

To celebrate July 4th Weekend we have a bonus Weird Water News!

  • Sea Pickles – Coming to a beach near you? These “Sea pickles” known as pyrosomes, have been seen congregating, sometimes by the thousands, close to shore from Northern California up to southeast Alaska.