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Instant, great-tasting water for busy workplace enviroments.

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Quench’s dispensers leverage state-of-the-art filtration technology that filters water directly from the source.

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Why Choose Quench’s Hot & Cold Water Dispensers?

A bottleless water cooler that offers cold and hot water on demand ensures users have access to their preferred water temperature at any time. Further, both hot and cold water offer unique health benefits that are essential for your employees’ and customers’ well-being.

Workplaces also experience benefits from Quench’s advanced water coolers, including:

Sleek Designs
Unlike traditional, 5-gallon jug water coolers that have the outdated red spigot for hot water, Quench provides modern hot water solutions that feature sleek, polished designs and high-tech functions — making them visually appealing and highly practical additions to any business.
Safe and Easy to Use
With specific measures in place to ensure the safety of your employees and customers and programmable temperature options, your organization can rest assured it has instant hot water when needed without overheating or damaging your system.
By using a source of water that your business is already paying for, our systems prevent unnecessary extra costs. With flexible rental options, your employees can enjoy fresh, great-tasting, and filtered water on any budget and every day.
We all love having cold and hot water that is fresh and never runs out.
Joette D.,
I love that I have hot and cold delicious water and no more plastic bottles. Highly recommend this service and Quench.
Trish M.,
Jenkintown, PA
Effortless service for a good price.
Billing Coordinator,
Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP
If the water from our Quench machine were any better, I would think we had a natural spring in the office.
Managing Partner,
The Capstone Insurance Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hot and cold water dispenser?

A hot and cold water dispenser is a machine that dispenses safe, filtered water on demand — typically in offices and workplaces. It provides both hot and cold water for your employees instantly, catering to the needs of a busy workplace. Depending on the machine you choose, your employees can have instant access to a range of water options, minimizing the time wasted waiting for a kettle to boil.

How does a hot and cold water dispenser work?

Quench hot and cold water dispensers draw water from a building’s existing water line. The water passes through several stages of filtration where contaminants, harmful levels of bacteria, taste, and odors are removed, leaving freshly filtered, great-tasting water. The water is then separated into 2 different reservoirs that are equipped with either a heating or cooling element. When users push a button or activate a touchless pedal, they release either an instant hot or cold stream of water, depending on their preference.

Are hot and cold water dispensers safe?

Quench hot and cold water dispensers are completely safe so long as they are correctly serviced and maintained. And, with help from our qualified Quench-badged technicians, your organization can rest assured that your machine will be in working order year-round. With our UVC technology and antimicrobial surface protection in place, your employees can enjoy added safety and reduced germs around the water reservoir and filter housing.

Are hot and cold water dispensers worth it?

If you’re in pursuit of advanced filtration and hygienic hydration at work, then Quench’s hot and cold water dispensers are definitely worth it. Switching from a bottled water jug to a bottleless water cooler can save a significant amount on water costs, and at Quench, we offer a variety of water types to suit all requirements. We also offer several different models to suit the needs of all businesses, whether you have a small office or a large factory with 200+ employees.

How long do hot and cold water dispensers last?

Quench’s hot and cold water dispensers can continue to provide great-tasting water to your employees for many years with the right care and maintenance. We provide our customers with a once-a-year servicing and deep cleaning of their machines to ensure their water dispensers are working to the best of their ability throughout the year.

Can a hot and cold water dispenser work without electricity?

Quench’s hot and cold water coolers require a connection to a power supply to provide filtered water on demand. We advise that units are continually connected to a power supply to ensure the water is chilled correctly. Our skilled and experienced technicians can help find the perfect location for your water dispenser.

Where can I rent hot and cold water dispensers?

Here at Quench, we have a range of hot and cold water coolers available to rent that meet all requirements. Our water dispensers are suitable for use across a range of different sectors, including hospitality, education, healthcare, government, and offices. With our expertise, we can help you find the perfect solution for your hydration needs. We have locations across North America to provide local service at a national level.

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