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Quench for Gyms
In this explainer video, learn how Quench water and ice machines can improve your gym membership experience.

Proper hydration is crucial to optimal performance and well-being during and after workouts. Electrolyte-enhanced water helps replenish essential minerals lost through sweat, while mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced quenchWATER+ promotes efficient water absorption in the body.

Your gym, health club, yoga studio, martial arts dojo, dance studio, or aquatic center can improve staff and clients’ hydration by offering quenchWATER+ through an innovative Quench water cooler.

Quench’s diverse range of machines offers mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced filtered drinking water on demand for peak gym performance. As the leading water-as-a-service solution for the fitness industry, we serve gyms nationwide, ensuring member hydration and satisfaction.

Quench’s sustainable water machines help gyms differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract eco-conscious consumers. Many gyms, health clubs, and studios have already recognized the benefits of using Quench for their business.

Why Quench for Gyms and Health Clubs?

Quench water dispensers provide unlimited great-tasting water in the cardio section and weight rooms, where hydration is needed most. They also help ease recovery after a workout by offering flavored and sparkling water with added electrolytes and vitamins.

And don’t forget ice! Ice machines are essential in gyms for keeping drinking water cool and for post-workout recovery and injury management. Our bin ice machines are excellent for storing ice for recovery, ice plunges, cryotherapy, and icing sore muscles.

Many people find the taste of plain water unappealing and often resort to adding flavor packets to enhance its taste. Quench machines offer a range of zero-calorie, flavored water options, alleviating this need. Additionally, installing flavored sparkling water options can enhance the post-workout experience.

Sparkling water aids in rehydration, craving satisfaction, and digestion. In addition, only Quench offers mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced filtered drinking water with quenchWATER+.

A reliable supply of filtered water, chewable ice, and refreshing hydration options is essential for meeting the needs of gyms and fitness centers. Quench provides convenient and endless hydration solutions to keep gym-goers refreshed and motivated during their workouts.

Perfect for Gyms, Fitness Centers, Yoga Studios, Martial Arts Dojos, Dance Studios, Aquatic Centers and more.

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