Acquisition Opportunities

Quench is one of the largest point-of-use-focused water services companies in North America, with approximately 45,000 customers and more than 125,000 installed systems nationwide.

Our Approach to Acquisitions

With 10 acquisitions completed since our IPO, we have lots of experience efficiently executing sales and integrating businesses. The entire acquisition process, from first on-site meeting to closing, can be completed in 4 to 6 months. Here’s what you can expect from our streamlined process:

  • Phase I: Information Gathering
    Includes site visit, analysis of key business data, and assessment of fit, all conducted confidentially and discreetly.
  • Phase II: Agreement
    We will provide you with a term sheet that outlines proposed price and terms, and work together to define the structure of the deal.
  • Phase III: Due Diligence
    Our Acquisitions Team conducts a thorough review of your business to ensure that our agreement reflects fair valuation and to inform a seamless integration.
  • Phase IV: Execution
    Final agreement on price and terms, deal closing, and integration kick-off.

Customers Come First

We are acutely service-oriented, and pay close attention to your customers’ experience during and after the sale to ensure that the relationships you have built remain strong.

Quench Values

Our corporate culture extends to every aspect of our dealings with sellers – we value integrity, respect, dependability, quality, and open and honest communications. The Quench Acquisitions Team will work with you closely, communicate often, and be transparent and ethical in our work together.
If you are interesting in selling your POU business – or even just evaluating your options – let’s have a conversation. You can reach us by email at

Dealing with the team from Quench during the due diligence process was both fair and equitable for all parties. We were able to create a win/win scenario for both of our companies, as well as for AquaPerfect employees and customers, in the transition to Quench.~Mike Thomas, Vice President, National Accounts, Quench (formerly President, Managing Member, AquaPerfect)