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Quench 985

High-Capacity Countertop Filtered Water & Chewable Ice Dispenser - up to 50 lbs storage

Available in United States only

The Quench 985 has the ice dispensing capability of the Quench 980, without taking up valuable floor space!  The smart looking Quench 985 produces up to 400 pounds of Chewblet® ice nuggets per day and endless pure, fresh water in high-traffic situations such as cafeterias, gyms, and urgent care clinics.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • State-of-the-art purification, including layered carbon filter and optional reverse osmosis
  • Produced up to 400 lbs of ice per day
  • Stores up to 50 lbs ice
  • Agion® antimicrobial surface protection
  • Sanitary lever and touch-free dispenser options
  • Saves from 300 (or more) 5-gallon plastic water jugs annually (depending on capacity)

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Dimensions32.5" h x 16" w x 23.5" d
83 cm h x 41 cm w x 60 cm d
*these dimensions are for the smallest unit, please see the product brochure for more information
Weight199 lbs/91 kg
Ice production400 lbs/182 kg in 24 hours
Ice storage capacityavailable in 12 lbs/6 kg, 25 lbs/12 kg, and 50 lbs/23 kg storage capacity units

* * Chewblet is a registered trademark of Follett Corporation, registered in U.S.

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