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Quench 980

High-Capacity Filtered Water & Chewable Ice Dispenser - up to 90 lbs storage

Available in United States only

The Quench 980 is a high capacity ice and water machine that is ideal for businesses that require a large volume of ice – cafeterias, gyms, urgent care clinics. The contemporary looking Quench 980 water and ice dispenser provides an endless supply of pure, fresh water and up to 400 pounds of Chewblets® ice nuggets per day.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • State-of-the-art purification, including layered carbon filter and optional reverse osmosis
  • Makes up to 400 lbs of ice per day
  • Sanitary lever and touch-free dispenser options
  • Agion® antimicrobial surface protection
  • Prevents from 300 to 2,100 5-gallon plastic water jugs from entering landfills annually (depending on unit capacity)

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Dimensions65.5" h x 16" w x 23.5" d
167 cm h x 41 cm w x 60 cm d
*these dimensions are for the smallest unit, please see the product brochure for more information
Weight279 lbs/127 kg
Ice production400 lbs/182 kg in 24 hours
Ice storage capacityavailable in 12 lbs/6 kg, 25 lbs/12 kg, 50 lbs/23 kg, and 90 lbs/41 kg storage capacity units

* * Chewblet is a registered trademark of Follett Corporation, registered in U.S.

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