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Quench Recognized with “Forever Green Manufacturing Award”

April 19, 2012

King Of Prussia, PA (April 19, 2012) —  Quench, the largest independent provider of filtered water coolers and ice dispensers in North America, received the 2012 Forever Green Manufacturing Award from The Lake Companies in recognition of Quench’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Gregory P. Lake, President of the The Lake Companies, said, “Quench filtered water coolers have eliminated tens of millions of 5-gallon plastic water jugs, and who knows how many plastic water bottles. Even more impressive is the fact that their coolers use the best water filtration technologies available to deliver great-tasting water from the office’s tap. No more bottles, no more gas-guzzling water delivery trucks spewing exhaust fumes. There’s no landfill waste or recycling needed to hold plastic bottles or jugs.”

Mike Zavertnik, Vice President of Information Technology at Quench added, “Business has exploded in the past two years due to organic growth and acquisitions. Today we’re processing thousands of contract invoices every month. We strive to be as paperless as possible in our billing and administration. What’s more, our service team drives a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, we purchase carbon offsets, even our ultraviolet bulbs and filters are recycled. For Quench, environmental stewardship extends beyond our products to our day-to-day business practices.”

About Quench

Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Quench USA, Inc. is a clean-technology company that rents and services filtered water coolers (also known as point-of-use or “bottle-less” water coolers) and ice dispensers for businesses across North America. Quench systems purify tap water using state-of-the-art technology, providing a more cost effective and environmentally-responsible solution than delivery of water in 5-gallon plastic jugs. Quench is the largest bottle-less water company in North America, serving more than 25,000 customers, including over 75% of the Fortune 500.

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