Better Drinking Water In Store

Quench offers a broad selection of hydration solutions to meet the needs of any retail space.


Quench clients include some of the biggest retail chains in the world because we offer the broadest bottleless water cooler and commercial ice machine selection, state-of-the-art water purification technologies, and in-depth knowledge of local water conditions. So, whether it’s a durable water, ice, or coffee machine for the receiving area or a modern sparkling water dispenser to enhance your customers’ shopping experience, Quench has your drinking water solution.

A Better Solution for the Showroom and the Stockroom

Quench offers a broad selection of hydration solutions to meet the needs of any retail space. Quench’s product lineup includes

  • Durable bottleless water coolers and commercial ice machines for staff in a receiving area or stock room
  • Touchless water coolers for thirsty, health-conscious shoppers
  • Sparkling water dispensers for an enhanced boutique shopping experience
  • Commercial coffee machines for waiting rooms

All Quench machines use point-of-use filtration technology to consistently provide great-tasting, freshly filtered drinking water. Also, Quench’s exclusive Q-Series bottleless water cooler line offers mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced water on-demand with quenchWATER+.

Customer Satisfaction is Priority #1

Quench has a dedicated customer service team of field technicians and customer care representatives with extensive knowledge about our equipment and filtration technologies.

Our field technicians are certified to tackle installations in the most complicated spaces, including giant warehouse stores, elegant showroom floors, or small boutiques, without disrupting your customers or disturbing your décor.

Lastly, Quench has dedicated customer service teams for multi-outlet national accounts with consolidated invoice billing options.

Eco-Friendly Solutions That Save Money

Switching to a point-of-use machine is a quick win for any sustainability initiative. One Quench bottleless water cooler can off-set the CO₂ equivalent of 42,000 miles in a passenger vehicle! What’s more, many Quench retail customers see immediate cost savings of up to 80% when they switch from a bottled water delivery service. And that’s before factoring in any “shrinkage” of packaged water that employees may pull from stock!

Some retailers that have switched to Quench point-of-use machines:

Sam’s Club, NAPA Auto Parts, Sephora, Kate Spade & Company, Dollar General, Target, Whole Foods, Wayfair, Sherwin Williams, Dollar Tree, Eileen Fisher, Good Spirits, Subaru of America, T-Mobile

Quench USA Inc.
We love our Quench Water Station! It’s a great addition to the kitchen and is an office favorite.


See What Our Customers Say

Feder’s Acura was searching for an easier and more convenient solution for providing water to their employees and customers. By switching to Quench, Office Manager Susan Ulbrich no longer has to worry about storing plastic water bottles, having enough water bottles on hand, or who will be able to change the water bottles.

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I’m Susan Ulbrich and I’m the office manager here at Feder’s Acura.

The Quench system has made my life so much easier as far as not having to track people down to load or unload huge bottles of water on and off water coolers and in and out of closets that feed our coffee machines.

With the Quench system, the same water feeds every machine, and I don’t have to worry about who’s putting what on where.

I selected Quench quite honestly because it seemed like it was going to be very cost-effective and a very easy install.

The taste of the Quench water is actually as good as or better than any of the bottled water we’ve had here.

After the install, I’ve had nothing but good comments about how great the Quench water is and how unexpected it was.

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