Ice Machines

  • Advanced filtration and sanitization technologies
  • Deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice
  • Variety of ice dispensers to suit your capacity needs

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The Benefits of Quench Ice Machines

State-of-the-art filtration and advanced sanitization technology guarantee the best-tasting ice.
Enjoy freshly filtered water and ice on-demand without chemicals, contaminants, sediments, or odors.
No ordering ice or dealing with deliveries. Our filtered ice machines connect directly to your water supply.
Flexible solutions to meet all your business needs: various ice storage capacities, ice types, and water options.
With limited space in our breakroom, an ice machine with combined cold and hot water was a perfect solution for us. Plus, we have had a great experience with Quench. From the initial inquiry via the website, to quick follow-up from the sales team, excellent communication from our sales rep, and timely delivery/installation from the technicians
Missy Halden
Loan Officer Assistant, Finance of America Mortgage

The Quench Difference

It’s More Than an Ice Machine

A gentelman filling a glass of ice water from a Quench 950 ice machines
Great-tasting ice starts with great-tasting water. You need the cleanest, most refreshing water to make delicious ice. That’s why Quench starts by filtering your building’s existing water supply at the point-of-use with our state-of-the-art filtration technology, including advanced carbon filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemical contaminants, and get rid of off-tastes and odors. No more smelly ice!
Quench UV Sanitization
Want extra protection? We have Quench ice machine rentals that come fully equipped with UV sanitization to deactivate or kill microorganisms, without adding any chemicals, like chlorine, to the filtered water. Independent testing has concluded that UV technology can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, 99.9% of viruses, and 99.9% of parasites. Plus, antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of molds, yeasts, and a broad spectrum of micro-organisms from surfacing on your ice machine.
A gentleman filling a glass of ice water from a Quench 965 countertop ice machine
Workplaces water and ice needs vary greatly, as do local water quality conditions. That’s why Quench offers a broad selection of ice machine rentals including freestanding and countertop ice machines, commercial ice dispensers, and bin ice machines. Our Quench Water Experts will assess your local water quality and workplace environment to determine the best filtration solution and ice capacity for your business, and then help you decide your favorite ice machine based on those requirements.
Two Quench Certified Service Technicians standing in front of a Quench service van
Quench’s dedicated customer team stands behind every ice machine installation. You’ll always find a well-trained, friendly human at the other end of the phone, email, or chat – whichever way you choose to interact with Quench. Plus, all service is performed by insured, certified Quench-badged technicians. Our customer service promise includes proactive preventive maintenance, filter changes, and all service and support for your Quench ice machine.