How to Clean Your Smartwell from Quench Machine

To ensure your Smartwell from Quench machine continues to run efficiently and your flavored beverages are dispensed smoothly, we recommend cleaning the machine on a regular basis - about once a week.

Check out the video to see how quick and easy it is to clean!

Don’t worry when we come out to perform preventive maintenance and to change the filter, our certified Quench technician will deep clean the machine and tubing.

Download Care and Cleaning Instruction PDF

Video Transcription:

Properly caring for your Smartwell beverage dispenser ensures that customers and team members will always have the best experience. We recommend a quick weekly cleaning to keep your unit in top working condition. Here are the materials you'll need. Now you're ready to begin.

First gently wipe the touchscreen with a soft cloth such as a microfiber towel. You may need a mild lens cleaner. Next wipe the top and underside of the dispenser lever. Clean with mild soap and water and towel dry. To disinfect, sanitize with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Regular cleaning of the nozzle ensures your unit will perform properly and prevents flavor carryover in drinks. To access the nozzle, unlock and open the hood of the unit and remove each nip from the manifold. Thoroughly wipe the inside and outside of the nozzle, manifold, and area surrounding the manifold. If mild soap and water is used, be sure to rinse with clean water to prevent undesirable taste. Sanitize with 3% hydrogen peroxide as needed. Reinsert the nibs into the manifold. Close and lock the hood.

Moving on to the alcove, put on protective gloves before removing the bottom grate. Wash with mild soap and water and towel dry. Avoid using corrosive chemicals and harsh abrasive pats. Then, wipe the back wall of the alcove and the drip tray. Towel dry. Replace the grate and disinfect as needed.

Remember water overflow from the drip tray funnels to the reservoir, not down a drain. Every few days, remove any empty water from the reservoir, wash with mild soap and water, towel dry and place it back into the unit. Repeat these quick cleaning tasks each week to ensure your Smartwell beverage dispenser performs as good as it looks.