How to Change Smartwell from Quench Flavors

Is the office favorite flavor out? Fret not! We have a quick video that will show you how quick and easy it is to change a flavor on your Smartwell from Quench machine.

Download How to Replace Flavor & Enhancement Pouches PDF

Video Transcription:

Elkay smartwell beverage dispenser is easy to maintain so you can always keep delicious drinks flowing. When flavors or enhancements are running low, you'll receive an email alert indicating which pouches to replace.

First, unlock and open the hood of the unit. To remove each empty pouch, unlock the silver pump drive and unhook it from the hanger. Next, pop out the pump and pull out the nib from the manifold. To insert a new pouch into the vacant slot, first, hook it on the hanger. Then, lock the pump to the pump drive and insert the nib into the manifold; press firmly to ensure the nib is fully inserted.

On the home screen tap the gear icon in the top right corner, enter your admin code provided by Elkay customer care to access the pouch replacement screen. Select which pouches you replaced, and press submit. Your unit will display “pouch replaced” before returning to the flavor screen.

Finally prime the line. With the hood open, dispense several drinks of each flavor or enhancement you replaced. Make sure you can see the concentrate move all the way through the tubing in the pump. And sample a drink to check its flavor.

Your unit is now ready for use. Still need help? Contact customer care.