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Customer Testimonial – Kind Healthy Snacks

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“Why Not Have Water That is Healthy For the Environment?”

The number one goal at Kind Healthy Snacks is to be sustainable.

“We make sure that we’re doing our part in every detail and every facet of the company,” explained Zev Ziegler, Online Marketing Manager for Kind Healthy Snacks. “Why not have water that is healthy for the environment? I think it was a very 90s thing to do bottled water, and I think there are a lot of people out there that would agree with me.”

By switching to Quench filtered drinking water coolers, Kind Healthy Snacks was able to go that “extra step” to be more environmentally friendly. Thanks to its Quench bottleless water cooler, Kind Health Snacks can limit its environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and plastic waste. On average, companies that replace 5-gallon water jugs with bottleless water coolers emit 53% fewer tons of CO₂ every year (for an office of 50 daily users). And if a company replaces single-use plastic bottles with a bottleless water cooler, they could reduce their carbon emissions by 95% (for an office of 50 daily users).

Try our Cost Comparison Calculator to see exactly how much carbon bottleless water cooler could save your business.

The environmental benefits of a Quench bottleless water cooler don’t end with reduced carbon emissions. Companies like Kind Healthy Snacks can rely on their bottleless water coolers to cut back on plastic waste as well. Just one bottleless water cooler can keep 7,000 plastic bottles or 150 5-gallon water jugs out of the environment every year.

“We look to find ways wherever we can to make this world more sustainable,” said Ziegler. “To have a common place where everyone can come get fresh, clean water; we couldn’t find a better opportunity than Quench.”

As the winner of the 2019 Best Environmentally Friendly Water Delivery Service, Quench is here to help your business be more sustainable. View our Product Finder to find the eco-friendly hydration solution that works best for your business.

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